Zéro déchets


Offall vermeiden ass déi beschten Optioun fir d'Zukunft.

Dofir trëtt am Kader vun der Null Offall Strategie 2021 en neit Taxreglement a Kraft an eis Dreckskëschte ginn op Regime gesat.
All Informatiounen zur Strategie fannt Dir an eiser Broschür op eisem Internetsite a geschwënn an Ärer Boîte.


Eviter les déchets est la meilleure option pour l'avenir.

C'est pour cette raison que dans le cadre de la stratégie «zéro déchets» un nouveau règlement de taxes sera mis en place en 2021 et nos poubelles ménagères seront mises au régime.
Veuillez trouver toutes les informations sur la nouvelle stratégie dans notre brochure qui se trouve désormais en ligne et bientôt dans votre boîte aux lettres.


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Zero waste objective, a bet on the future !

A new waist management, together with a new bill of charges strategy is a bet that Niederanven has taken for the upcoming year together with the municipalities of Schuttrange, Sandweiler and Contern.
Over the last years, waste could be reduced to more than 16% per person per year, but now Niederanven is striving to much more, as the residual waste part still seems to be too high in respect to a responsible waste management.
A national study shows that still 75% of the incinerated waste could easily be a recyclable material.
We all can we help to save our planet, now and here, all by understanding that an efficient waste management can be an important key to a better future.
Niederanven has planned a new strategy in 5 steps with:

  1. Awareness-raising actions for zero waste
  2. Promotion for a better waste sorting
  3. Construction of a new recycling center
  4. Deployment of a new collecting system
  5. Introduction of a new fees catalog

What will change and how are the new fees assigned?

  • There will be a fixed yearly basic charge of 36.-€ for every household, including a 120l bin for normal household waste and also an 120l bin for green waste. An entrance card for the recycling center in Munsbach is automatically included.
    For companies and other establishments the yearly basic charge is of 600.-€ for the recycling center.
  • There are additional fees for another or larger bin depending on the actual size
  • The variable part of the invoice will be the actual weight of the bin to be emptied. This will be of 0.90.-€ per kilo for any residual waste, recorded by a special inbuilt scale system in the garbage trucks

All other specific fees related to waste (bags, scrap metal, electronic scrap…) can be found on our internet site.
We count on you to help us staying clean and guarantee a healthy future for the generations to come.