Relaxation course of the cnapa


Chronic stress not only leads to feelings of helplessness, hecticness or fear, it also weakens the immune system and makes you more susceptible to illness or unfavourable coping strategies.
In the relaxation course, you will learn how to activate your powers of resistance through mental and physical relaxation and how to cope with stressful or difficult situations with inner peace and positive mental images.
Numerous positive effects on resilience and health have been proven for this relaxation technique.

  • Place: cnapa, 99 rue Andethana, L-6970 Hostert/Niederanven
  • Language: Luxemburgish & German
  • Instructor: Elena Bienfait
  • Dates, every Wednesday from 17h15 to 18h30:
    • 20.09.2023
    • 27.09.2023
    • 04.10.2023
    • 11.10.2023
    • 18.10.2023
    • 25.10.2023
    • 08.11.2023
    • 22.11.2023
  • Registration via:
  • Patricipation fee: 120€

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