A welcoming place for parents to exchange ideas, get information and receive support


The Eltereforum is:

  • Interaction: Parent Forums promote interaction and meetings between parents, and between parents and professionals. They provide access to a wide range of qualified partners and bring to bear a modern, science-based approach to parenting.
  • Information: Parent Forums provide access to high-quality information on parenting. They act as a source of information and actively contribute to increasing the awareness of parenting issues in society as a whole. Their mission is to empower parents.
  • Support: Parent Forums support, guide and strengthen parents in their role as parents. They can provide many kinds of assistance, accompanying parents throughout the various stages of their children’s development. Parent Forums support parents while respecting their circumstances, skills and abilities.

In cooperation with their partners, Parent Forums offer high-quality events in the form of parent meetings, parenting classes, activities for parents with their children, themed evenings, discussions and lectures.

For more information, please visit: www.eltereforum.lu.