Public gardens & orchards

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Public orchard


As an environmentally conscious commune, our objective is to reduce food waste and encourage the purchase of regional food products. In order to link these two issues, we are introducing an initiative of bringing fruit from local gardens to residents.

Do you yourself have a garden in which a large amount of ripe fruit goes to waste every year? If you wish to do something about this and find a way to distribute your fruit to fellow residents, apply to participate in the national ''Gielt Band'' project by filling out the form below!

Request for an orchard to be made available to the public

Herb gardens


In front of the Commune building and on the market square in Niederanven you will find our herb gardens available for self-service. All herbs are freely available for your personal use. Please handle them with care, cut the plants with a knife or scissors and only take as much as you really need. We thank you for your understanding.

Community garden

The site of the community garden is located in a nature reserve and adjoins the location of the commune's beehive. The community garden is supervised by the non-profit association Aanwen's Gaart. The founding of this association in 2017 was based on the principles of permaculture, organic farming, social exchange and the sharing of experiences between members.

The site of the community garden is made available by the Commune of Niederanven. Furthermore, the Commune provide assistance in setting it up and logistical support.

The inauguration of Aanwen's Gaart took place on the 5th of June 2019 in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, Mr Romain Schneider.