Music school

Dear parents, dear schoolchildren,

The Music School Niederanven is a place where music connects people of all ages, whatever their nationality or spoken language. It is characterised by the collegiality of all those involved and, above all, by intergenerational togetherness.

Music permeates everyone's life and accompanies you in your daily life in all its diversity. The Niederanven Music School offers all residents of the Commune of Niederanven, whether children, teenagers, or adults, the opportunity of discovering their musical talents by experiencing music: singing or learning to play a musical instrument.

Singing or playing a musical instrument, whatever your age or skill level, contributes to your physical and emotional well-being and the development of your personality. It helps you to balance your emotions, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, and reduce day-to-day stress.

In short, practising music is a unique experience for every one of you, and a universal language that brings us all together!

« La musique peut changer le monde car elle peut changer les gens. » (Bono Vox)

Roberta Dario

Music lessons, insurance, pupil & student grants, coordinator ''seniors'', delegate for Equal Opportunities

Since 2015, the Commune of Niederanven has been the coordinating commune of the regional structure ''Museksschoul Syrdall'' for the contractual and administrative aspects, in collaboration with the UGDA Music School. Together with the Commune of Niederanven, this regional structure brings together the Communes of Bous-Waldbredimus, Contern, Frisange, Remich, Sandweiler, Schuttrange and Stadtbredimus.

As of today, the regional structure has 1,217 pupils taking 1948 courses for the 2023/2024 school year.

The Commune Council of each commune signatory to the "Museksschoul Syrdall" regional cooperation agreement appoints two delegates to the Supervisory Board.
The representative of the private-sector body and/or its delegate attend Supervisory Board meetings in an advisory capacity.

This committee has an advisory role and examines cases referred to it as quickly as possible. It meets at least twice a year, in particular, to notify the provisional and final school organisations and the final accounts to be drawn up by the body governed by private law.

It may also meet if the need arises on the initiative of the Chairman or at the request of one or more members.



The regional structure ''Museksschoul Syrdall'' offers lessons in the division inférieure and moyenne at local and regional level.

In collaboration with the UGDA music school the Commune of Niederanven offers the following lessons:

Musical education:

  • Éveil musical 2e année (admission requirements: from Cycle 1.2. on (5 years old on 31.08) of the primary school)
  • Éveil musical 3e année (admission requirements: from Cycle 2.1. on (6 years old on 31.08) of the primary school)
  • Formation musicale 1re année (lu + fr) (admission requirements: from Cycle 2.2. on (7 years old on 31.08) of the primary school)
  • Formation musicale 2-4 (admission requirements: successful completion of the previous year's course)
  • Formation musicale 5-6 (admission requirements: successful completion of the previous year's course)
  • Formation musicale accélérée 1 (admission requirements: successful completion of the previous year's course)
  • Formation musicale accélérée 2 (admission requirements: successful completion of the previous year's course)

Group practice:

  • Formation chorale for children and young people (admission requirements: from 7 years old on 31.08 until 14 years old and following the music education lessons at the same time)
  • Formation libre – Choral singing for adults (admission requirements: from 15 years old on)
  • Pratique collective instrumentale (ensemble instrumental) (admission requirements: from the 2nd year of instrumental lessons onwards)
  • Pratique collective instrumentale (ensemble homophone : guitare et percussion) (admission requirements: 1st cycle diploma in the instrument or on teacher's recommendation)
  • Musique de chambre (admission requirements: 1st cycle diploma in instrument)

Individual lessons:

  • Instrument à vent et percussion / drumset:

Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, small brass instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet), horn in F, trombone, large brass instruments (baritone, euphonium, bass tuba, double bass).

Admission requirements: following a parallel musical education course starting with the formation musicale 1, leading to a certificate in the Division inférieure (formation musicale 4)
Drumset: have passed the Inférieur 1.1. and 1.2. percussion tests

  • Piano/Guitare Classique/Guitare électrique/Guitare Basse/Cordes (violon et violoncelle):

Admission requirements: from the 2nd year of the formation musicale on
String courses: only open to regular students (no adult training)

  • Chant classique / moderne:

Admission requirements: from 11 years on (up to 30 years for modern singing) and having completed at least one year of the formation musicale; on the advice of the teacher in July; following the formation musicale at the same time

  • Déchiffrage:

Admission requirements: having obtained the 2nd cycle diploma for the instrument

Enrolment fees (annual)KidsAdults
(from 18 years on)
Éveil musical
Inférieur 1 + 2free100€
Inférieur 3 + 4, moyen*75€100€
Formation adulte (initiale, qualifiante)/100€

*Admission requirements for the middle division (instruments/vocals): To be admitted to the middle division, students must have obtained their second cycle diploma (instruments/vocals) with a final mark of at least thirty-six points.

BLASIUS Jean-Luc - Clarinet

BORNET Christophe - Formation musicaleformation chorale for kids and young people; chant classique/moderne

BOURGEOIS Françoise - Oboe

CID-DIAZ Marie-Christine - Piano

DUCHSCHER Max - Percussion

GEHL Paul - Classic guitar

HECK Tom - Electric guitar

HENEAUX Denis - Small brass instruments (flugelhorn, cornet, trumpet)

JIMINEZ Beatriz - Formation musicale accélérée; violoncello

KAMPISNÉ AMRUSZ Anna - Transverse flute

KAYSER Isabelle - Transverse flute

KLEIN Gilles - French horn (Cor en fa)

KLICHE Marius - Percussion; ensemble Homophone (percussion)

KRONTHALER Stephan Max - Clarinet

LEJINA Ilze - Saxophone

NI Léon - Trombone

NOESEN Gilles - Formation musicale

RADELET Rainier - Saxophone; pratique collective instrumentale (ensemble instrumental + ensemble instrumental avancé)

REICH Frank - Piano

SANDOVAL Ricardo - Formation musicale

SCHUMACHER Yves - Large brass instruments (baritone, euphonium, bass tuba, double bass)

STOROZHYNSKA Solomiya - Violin

TRIBOI Arcadie - Piano

TEROVA Maria - Formation musicale (fr)

WALCH Sabine - Éveil musical