Residents' Team Nieds4Seniors


The objective of the new project Nieds4Seniors is to let seniors actively participate in life in the Commune and at the same time raise awareness of their particular needs but above all the intergenerational and inclusive living together in our commune.

f.l.t.r.: WEILAND Corinne, DARIO Roberta (seniors coordinator), TERNES Fréd (mayor), KÜNSCH-ENGEL Denise (Club 50+), BERCHEM Anne-Marie (Club 50+), MULLER Georges (Club Aktiv+), VAN ALPHEN Marion, REDING Patrick (CIPA), DUGANDZIC Tom (Syrdall Heem) pas sur la photo : LOEILLET Christophe, SCHARFE-HANSEN Rose, STEICHEN Christiane

Are you a senior resident? Would you like to support young people? Then join the Mouvement pour l'Égalité des Chances' intergenerational educational assistance service called Super Seniors!

For senior residents, the benefits of tutoring children are numerous:

  • stay in touch with young people
  • be involved in a social and rewarding activity
  • feel joy and satisfaction when children make progress
  • create social links
  • maintain your skills
  • feel useful to society

The Super Seniors educational assistant service is :

  • support for children in primary schools
  • flexible appointments between the Super Senior and the child
  • meetings organised at the parents' home
  • team spirit and conviviality between the seniors
  • reimbursement of transport costs
  • professional supervision of your activities by the MEC asbl

The association is looking for senior residents who: 

  • enjoy contact with children
  • want to pass on their knowledge of French and/or German and/or mathematics
  • are looking for a voluntary activity
  • want to take part in an innovative project that encourages educational success

Interested? Contact the association via or by phone (26 72 00 35 / 621 669 212).
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