Kulturhaus Niederanven

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Culture offers a world full of surprises and new ideas, stimulating creativity and imagination, awakening unknown creative talents in us, allowing us to discover new things or rediscover old things. Art and culture transcend borders, encouraging reflection, the exchange of ideas and the coexistence of cultures.
But culture also fosters interpersonal relationships by bringing together people of different interests, nationalities, ages and so on, and providing them the opportunity to engage in dialogue.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven is pleased to take up this challenge, with the aim of becoming a (multi)cultural meeting place. The Kulturhaus is aimed at music and art lovers, theatre and literature enthusiasts, dance and film buffs - in short, anyone who would like to be enthralled and enchanted by a high-quality, colourful programme in collaboration with professional artists and designers, the country's public cultural institutions, schools, Maisons Relais, youth centres and other social and community organisations.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven does not just showcase art and culture, but allows interested people of all ages to actively participate, discover and develop their own artistic creativity in workshops and projects.
The separation between artists and non-artists must give way to a dialogue and a fruitful two-way exchange, to make Niederanven a house open to culture and enjoyment.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven is set in 75 ares of green parkland and comprises two interconnected buildings, the former private home of the Thorn family and the new building. The private house was built around 1850 by Mathias Schmit, the town clerk at the time. Over the next 100 years, it changed owners frequently, was extended and converted and had several ares of land added to it.

On 29 July 1957, the house was sold to Georges Thorn and his wife Adrienne Prud'homme.
In 1998, the Commune of Niederanven purchased the property from heirs of the Thorn family, with the intention of using it for public purposes.
On 8 May 1998, the Commune Council decided to dedicate the house to art and culture.
From 1999 to 2002, the house was made available to the Ministry of the Family to accommodate refugee families from Kosovo.
In 2001, a project was put out to tender, which was won by the architects Nico Steinmetz and Arnaud de Meyer.
Construction began on 14 October 2004 and on 29 June 2007, the Kulturhaus Niederanven was officially opened to the public.

145, route de Trèves
L-6940 Niederanven
T. (+352) 26 34 73 1
F. (+352) 36 34 73 23