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What is the PAP?

''A special development plan (PAP) covers one part of the municipal territory that is urbanised or is to be urbanised by implementing and specifying the PAG, taking into account the type of land use defined therein. The PAP establishes a set of urban planning regulations that meet the objectives of Article 2 of the amended Law of 19 July 2004 on municipal planning and urban development (sustainability, harmonious development of neighbourhoods, quality of life, etc.).

There are two types of PAP to be distinguished, the PAP “new district” (PAP NQ) and the PAP “existing district” (PAP QE).

  • The PAP NQ covers an area yet to be urbanised, proposes a concrete urbanisation project, and defines the shape of the public space, of building lots and future constructions. It must include a written and a graphic part and be accompanied by a supporting report.
  • The PAP QE covers an already urbanised area and defines the rules of integration of constructions according to the characteristics of the existing constructions. It is developed on the initiative of the municipality and adopted in parallel with the PAG at the time of its first establishment, and includes a written part.'' (