Market in Niederanven

Do as we used to and come to the market


Do you want to meet people or you just need some vegetables, a small gift, a fine bottle or only something to eat for lunch? You don’t have to go far. All this you can find now in our market. We will pamper you with food and drink and tempt you with local food and artisanal products from the region.

Every first Monday of the month from 3 to 7 pm

05.02.2024 | 04.03.2024 | 25.03.2024 | 06.05.2024 | 03.06.2024 | 01.07.2024 | 05.08.2024 | 07.10.2024 | 04.11.2024 | 02.12.2024

In the car park between the Caisse Rurale Raiffeisen and the Youth Centre, at the route de Trèves, parking spaces are available.