The Mayor

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The missions of the mayor

The Mayor chairs sittings of the Board of Aldermen and the Commune Council. He is responsible for signing regulations, decrees, acts and Commune correspondence together with the Commune secretary. He is also responsible for the application of police regulations, for issuing building licences, and for classifying the various permits for certain buildings ("commodo-incommodo"). He also acts as official registrar for civil events, such as births, weddings and funerals.


Fréd Ternes


''As mayor, I have a vision of a commune in which the people who live here, work here and are involved in the associations here, live together in the best possible way. I believe that a commune is not only there to solve problems, but should also develop new ideas with the participation of many interested people, in order to move our commune forward together.''


Do you have a concern or a good idea for moving our commune forward?
Then take advantage of the telephone availability service with the Mayor in operation Thursday mornings. Simply book your 15-minute slot in advance by filling out this form.

We look forward to your input!

Do you have an idea for our Commune? Then call the Mayor and tell him about your idea for a better Commune!
Make an appointment via or by phone on 34 11 34 - 43.