The communal accounting department keeps the communal administration's accounts up to date. It is responsible for collection operations and the payment of all communal expenses. The tasks of this service, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of the communal receiver, are defined by the municipal law of December 13th 1988.

According to the amended law of 16/05/2019 on electronic invoicing in the context of public procurement and concession contracts, invoices are mandatory to be sent in electronic format, either via PEPPOL or via .

VAT number: LU10357669
PEPPOL ID: 9938:lu10357669

If you have general questions about invoices, please contact or call 34 11 34 -1
If you have questions about the payment of an invoice, please contact or call 34 11 34 – 90 or 96

The property tax is determined by the Administration des Contributions Directes and forwarded to the local tax office for collection. For any changes, we recommend you to contact the Administration des Contributions Directes directly, as they alone are authorised to make changes. Please note that the owner on the first of January of a tax year is liable for property tax for the whole year. 

The revenue department is in charge of municipal taxes and issues quarterly invoices for the supply of drinking water, sewerage and garbage collection.
You can pay your bills using the Payconiq application. There's no need to enter the bill reference, amount or recipient: just scan the QR code and the bill is paid!

The sustainable development department is responsible for ordering and changing the garbage cans.

Communal bank accounts

Bank Account BIC
ING Luxembourg IBAN LU61 0141 4449 2180 0000
BGL BNP Paribas
IBAN LU25 0030 1586 5291 0000 BGLLLULL
Banque et Caisse de l'Epargne de l'Etat IBAN LU07 0019 1001 1996 4000 BCEELULL
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg IBAN LU78 0021 1351 4440 0000 BILLLULL
Banque Raiffeisen IBAN LU61 0090 0000 0229 7513 CCRALULL
CCP - Compte Chèque Postal IBAN LU21 1111 0069 6275 0000 CCPLLULL

Pascale Dahm

Head of department