Public services

open today 08:00 AM - 11:30 AM & 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM 


Road services department

The road services department takes care of the maintenance of the commune, i.e. commune roads, rural roads and public paths. The team is also responsible for winter and salting services. In spring and summer, the team is in charge of cutting hedges and mowing. The team also makes regular tours of the commune to empty the public bins. Finally, the road services department also takes care of the work at funerals in the commune.

Norbert Willems Head of department

T. 621 219 140


Steve Bangnowski
Sven Kieffer
Marc Kirchen
Jean-Marc Graas
Steve Lanners
Patrick Lopes Simoes
Luka Mendes
Patrick Schifferings
Michael Stuhr
Marc Thies
Alain Weber
Pierre Welter Electrician
Lilian Larchez

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Water works department

The water works department is responsible for the water in the commune. This includes managing and maintaining the water storage facilities, monitoring the sources and regularly analysing the water. The team also installs water connections in new and existing buildings, replaces water meters and is on site in the event of a burst water pipe in the commune. Finally, the water service also carries out minor locksmith work.

Laurent Kettmann Head of department

T. 34 82 06


Ricardo Abrunhosa
Bob Schiltz

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Gardening services department

The gardening services department takes care of the maintenance of green spaces and seasonal planting in the commune. The team can often be sighted at the playgrounds, cemeteries and parks in the commune that fall under their areas of responsibility. The gardening services department also helps with cleaning and gritting work in the commune and takes care of ordering plants and flowers, putting together ornaments and setting up decorations for larger events organised by the commune administration. 

Guy Jost Head of department

T. 34 19 07


Eric Ben Si Amar
Paul Frisch
Philippe Huybrechts
Samantha Kirpach
Tom Lambert
Manuel Pereira
Tim Rasquin
Cindy Scholtes
Jaroslaw Sroka
Claudine Theisen

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Sports & culture department

The sports & culture department, also known as Team Loisi, is responsible for setting up, removing and supervising events in our commune. The team therefore also assists the clubs on a daily basis with the organisation of their meetings and events. In addition, the clubs can hire the minibuses from the commune via the Sports & Culture Service. Finally, the team also takes care of the maintenance of the two football fields and the organisation of the market in the commune.

7, Routscheed L-6939 Niederanven
Phone: 34 85 19
Fax: 34 93 64

Peter Kaps Head of department

T. 26 34 70 – 21


Mike Bertrang
Jo Bredimus
Alberto Caffo
Ricardo De Paiva
Paul Goldschmit
Tom Morth
Timo Müller
Johny Portela
Saba Velijija

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Transport department

The Transport department provides transport for school children of the "Am Sand" elementary school. On afternoons when there are no classes, or when otherwise available, our bus drivers take children to the music school or to support classes.

Pascal Bonifas Head of department
Christophe Bamberg
Camille Bertrang