Mobile Youth Work

Hi, my name is Thierry and I'm a youth worker at the Youth Centre in Niederanven. As well as my day-to-day work on youth centre projects, I also travel around the commune as part of my mobile youth work.

This means that I'm not just in the youth centre, I'm also taking the youth centre's work outside. So I'm also there for young people who don't come to the youth centre. Depending on the place and the time, I can propose activities and also different actions. I'm available at all times and can provide information about the youth centre and its projects, as well as being a point of contact for serious, private or school-related questions. You can always make an appointment at the youth centre to discuss a range of issues. My role as a mobile youth worker is that of a guest in the world of young people. I mediate on issues that affect young people and work with the local authority, the youth centre and other services to find solutions and ideas.

My job is not to chase children and young people away from their places or to monitor them. If you see me out and about, usually wearing a jumper or a T-shirt from Elisabeth Jeunesse or the Youth Center Niederanven, feel free to approach me!

On our web site, you can recognise the places where I can be found and the activities I am involved in under the name "On Tour".

See you soon!

Thierry Mathieu
T.: 621 571 080