The playgrounds of our Commune


Are your children looking for a place to let off steam? The 17 playgrounds in our commune are perfect for that.
By clicking on the different names of the playgrounds, you will be directed to the website, where you will find interesting information about each of them, including :

  • address
  • opening hours
  • equipment
  • some pictures


Playground Félix Worré

Rue Docteur Félix Worré, Niederanven

Playground Mielstrachen

Mielstrachen, Niederanven

Playground Belle Vue

Rue Belle-Vue, Niederanven

Playground Rue Dicks

Rue Dicks, Niederanven


Playground CIPA Gréngewald

8, Routscheed L-6939 Senningen

Playground Am Sand (Parc de loisirs)

Am Sand

Playground Am Sand (Maison Relais)

Am Sand

Playground Bei der Aarnescht

Bei der Aarnescht, Oberanven

Playground Rue d'Ernster

Rue d’Ernster, Oberanven

Playground Cité Wakelter

1 Cité Wakelter, Oberanven


Playground Hannert den Kleppbeem

Hannert den Kleppbeem, Oberanven


Playground Rue de la Gare

Rue de la Gare, Hostert


Playground Rue Jos Schroeder

Rue Jos Schroeder, Rameldange


Playground Am Bounert

Bounert, Rameldange


Playground Rue Principale

16, rue Principale L-6165 Ernster


Playground Gromscheed I (between Spackeltergaas and Schleiwegaas)

Gromscheed, Senningenberg

Playground Gromscheed II (next to the old Charly line)

48, Gromscheed L-1670 Senningerberg

Playground Gromscheed II


Playground Um Trenker

Um Trenker, Senningen