Nature reserve Aarnescht

The nature reserve Aarnescht

Impressive landscapes and a unique natural environment


Each year, the orchids on the Aarnescht present themselves in their full splendour, attracting many nature lovers and photographers. However, we would like to point out that it is not permitted to stray from the marked paths. This is to protect and preserve the diverse biotope.   Dry grasslands are species-rich biotopes and very sensitive. By straying from the marked paths, various plants as well as insects can be unwittingly destroyed. Only by respecting nature can we preserve these areas. Thank you for your understanding.

L'Amicale de l'Aarnescht

Have you heard of the Amicale de l'Aarnescht? It is the first association in Luxembourg to have set itself the sole aim of promoting and looking after a nature conservation area. Its objectives include:

  • studying and researching the fauna and flora of the Aarnescht
  • working with public institutions to safeguard and maintain the Aarnescht
  • raising public awareness of the beauty, value and unique character of the Aarnescht

The Amicale de l'Aarnescht regularly organises guided tours of the nature reserve.
For more information, please contact the Amicale at