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The Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity (MECB), in collaboration with its partners, is organising the Pollinator Action Weeks in Luxembourg for the third. This event is part of the national action plan for pollinating insects published by the government at the end of 2021, and is an excellent opportunity to discover the fascinating world of pollinating insects during excursions and workshops, and to learn how to protect and promote them.

This year's B&B Action Weeks for our pollinators run from the 17th of May to the 9th June 2024. You can find the programme here: www.bbweeks.lu

As a certified Fairtrade commune, we are again taking part in the Fairtrade Weeks this year!
You can visit the exhibition in the commune building until the 15th of May and, of course, help yourself to the juice and chocolate that we have provided for you.

In addition, our Commission for Environment had an information stand during the last edition of the market in Niederanven and will also have a stand at the Hueschterter Kiermes from the 9th to the 12th of May.

Join the 2nd regional Climate and Biodiversity Day, organised by SIAS on 12 May 2024 at the Munsbach Resource Centre. Experience workshops, an interactive children's performance, stands and live presentations on climate and biodiversity protection, energy, resources, agriculture and nature conservation. Discover new ways to make a big difference with small steps. Everyone is welcome!

  • food and drinks all day
  • come environmentally friendly - on foot, by bike, train or bus (shuttle bus from Munsbach railway station)
12.05.24_Klima- a Biodiversiteitsdag

What a great campaign!

On Thursday, the 18th of April, a team from J.P. Morgan took their team day out into nature and organised their own 'Grouss Botz' campaign. Our energy, environment and sustainable development manager helped the team to set up this campaign, defined a trail and provided them with the necessary material to pick up the dirt. 

Are you a company in the commune of Niederanven and do you also want to help the environment in the commune? Then contact us and let us organise your personal ecological campaign together with your team.


At a time when the focus is on sustainable solutions, heat pumps are taking on even greater importance. This proven technology not only offers an efficient way of heating buildings but is also proving to be a promising alternative for minimising environmental impact.

Heat pumps use the thermal energy available in the environment, whether in the air or the ground, to produce heat. To measure this efficiency, we refer to the COP (coefficient of performance), which expresses the ratio between the thermal energy produced (kWh) and the electricity required (kWh). Heat pumps offer a considerable advantage compared to fossil heating systemsthanks to their energy efficiency.

Myths about heat pumps
There are still many myths about heat pumps, such as "heat pumps cannot be used in older buildings". But heat pumps are an option in older buildings, even if you use existing radiators. The only difference is that their efficiency is slightly lower than in new buildings with underfloor heating.

If you are considering installing a heat pump in your home, Klima-Agence has compiled a checklist to give you an overview of the installation process. In this list, compiled by our experts, you will find the elements you need to pay attention to when installing and using such a system: the possibilities for adjusting your installation, the authorisations required, the checks to be carried out, and the different types of heat pump. The document also includes a short glossary explaining the technical terms you are likely to come across. You can also take advantage of Klima-Agence's advice if you have further questions.

Find the checklist here: bit.ly/3J9bLjE

Free, independent advice klima-agence.lu - 8002 11 90

Springtime is garden time! To mark the current season, the Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg gives us a few ideas on how we can improve the quality of life in our gardens for flora and fauna, as well as for ourselves.

EBL Infografik_NaturnoeGaart_Niederanven_EN

Would you like to learn how to create a perennial bed yourself? To mark the start of the gardening season, the SIAS Biological Station is organising the workshop "How do I create a natural perennial bed?" on 13 April. Together with Tom Dall'Armellina from the SIAS Biological Station, participants will create a perennial bed. They will learn all about the different types of perennials, planting, the ideal location and how to care for a perennial bed. Of course, we will also look at how biodiversity, especially butterflies, bumblebees and bees, benefit from such perennials.

13 April from 9:00 to 12:00 in Schuttrange
Please register at t.dallarmellina@sias.lu or 34 94 10 32.



During the weekend of the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March, around 40 people were active in the 7 villages to collect dirt. In April weather with sun, hail and even snow, the residents worked in small groups through the various villages under the guidance of members of the Commission for Environment and the NatureTeam. A total of around 75 kg of dirt must have been collected!

Do you know about it yet? Natur&ëmwelt has named the common tern bird of the year!
Find more infos on the web site www.naturemwelt.lu.


With the start of spring, spring cleaning is due again in the commune. Join our Commission for Environment and the NatureTeam and take part in the campaign "Grouss Botz" on Saturday, the 23rd of March. You can register via our online form or via christiane.bour@niederanven.lu.


Are you already familiar with the SIAS online agenda "Naturaktivitéiten an eiser Regioun"? If you would like to spend more time in nature alone or as a family with your children, then take a look at the agenda and discover many great nature activities together with the SIAS partners.



Hiking friends take note! Just before the start of spring, the Auto-Pédestre hiking trail in our commune was completely dismantled and reinstalled. The hiking trail now starts at the new water tower in Senningerberg and will henceforth be known as AP Senningerberg. You can recognise the Auto-Pédestre hiking trails by the new white signs with the blue rhombus.

Find more infos on the web site of Visit Guttland.



Broken? In the bin with it! Time and again, we find ourselves throwing away all kinds of items far too quickly when they could perhaps still be repaired. With the series ''fixit! Flécken. Léinen. Notzen'', which was created as part of the ''Rethink'' project, the Mouvement Ecologique regularly provides us with tips and information on sustainable consumption.

Take a look at their website www.meco.lu!


Are you familiar with "contractual nature conservation"? This is a proven method used by SIAS in cooperation with farmers to guarantee nature conservation and biodiversity in the countryside. You will receive information on this from SIAS this week:

A proven method of nature conservation is the contractual nature conservation through biodiversity contracts :

  • Those contracts are being made with the exploitants of greenland or arable land who are willing to take part in nature conservation measures over a span of five years
  • As a compensation for potential financial losses that can come with a more extensive land exploitation, the farmers receive an adjustment payment
  • In 2024, there are 998 active biodiversity contracts with 143 farmers and winegrowers that have been contracted during the last five years. In 2024 alone, 324 new contracts have been made, which shows the willingness of the farmers to take part in such actions to save our nature
  • Because of those contracts, 1571 ha of greenland are under contractual nature conservation, 126 ha of fallow land are being sown with perennial flowers, 400 cubic meters dry stone walls are being restored and over 650 cubic meters of hedges made of deadwood are installed
  • All in all, the farmers of the SIAS region receive nearly 2 million euros per year in compensation money for the valuable work they do

As part of World Wetlands Day, there will be a great guided tour of the 'Schlammwiss - Brill' nature reserve on Saturday the 10th of February at 9am. Join them and discover this valuable habitat for animals, insects and birds!

More infos via www.naturemwelt.lu.


On Monday the 29th of January 2024, in the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity, Mr Serge Wilmes, and the Minister for the Economy, SME, Energy and Tourism, Mr Lex Delles, the Boards of Aldermen of the communes of Niederanven and Schuttrange invited business companies from both communes to a reception for the first time. Around 120 people, including businesswomen and -men from 56 different companies, found their way to the Centre de Loisirs "Loisi" to forge new contacts and exchange ideas. The focus was on the presentation of the Klima-Agence on measures for the energy transition for companies, before the evening was rounded off with an interesting networking session among the business people, the members of the Boards of Aldermen and Communal Councils of Niederanven and Schuttrange and the ministers.

This weekend participate in the largest ornithological participatory event in Luxembourg, the annual winter bird count. This event allows the natur & ëmwelt team to assess the populations of common bird species in Luxembourg and determine population trends over the years.

Find more infos on the website of natur & ëmwelt.


A conference not to be missed! On Thursday, the 1st of February, the SIAS warmly invites you to the lecture by Sven Plöger on the topic "Dress warmly, it's getting hot". Join us live as the meteorologist and TV presenter tells us more about climate change in a humorous but also serious manner.

The conference will be held in German with simultaneous translation into English and French.

vel'oh (1)

Three new Vel'OH stations have recently been made available for use in the commune! This means that our commune is now even better connected with a total of 5 stations, making the use of Vel'OH even more attractive.

  •  Senningerberg, Château d'eau
  •  Hostert, Place Charly
  •  Oberanven, Rue d'Ernster
  •  Niederanven, Routscheed
  •  Niederanven, Rue Laach

Find more info via www.myveloh.lu.


Have you heard? The increase in state aid for photovoltaics, heat pumps, etc. has been extended until 30 June 2024. Take advantage of the state subsidy, as well as the new communal subsidy of 50% for the use of installations promoting renewable energy!

Find more information in our section about the grants and subsidies. 


More sport, less chocolate, no more alcohol... How about some environmentally friendly resolutions for the new year? Find out what these resolutions could be below:


At the turn of the year, the use of fireworks, firecrackers and bangers is prohibited on the territory of the commune of Niederanven. You can read about the negative effects of fireworks in our infographic. Make use of great alternatives - the environment and wildlife say thank you!


Christmas is coming closer and closer. Is the Christmas tree already decorated? Have you already got your presents for family and friends? And do you already know what you're cooking for your guests? Before the time comes, we want to give you a few ideas to help you celebrate Christmas in a sustainable way.

Nohalteg Feierdeeg-FR

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Here are a few more ideas from the Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg to help you find a gift that is also sustainable.
Have a look at the infographic!


After signing the Climate Pact in 2013 and committing to sustainable communal management, we have now achieved gold certification 10 years later with more than 80%. For this reason, we were honoured with the European Energy Award Gold in Lörrach.

Planzaktioun23 (1)

As part of the National Tree Day, the Board of Aldermen of the commune of Niederanven, together with the gardening service, the SIAS and the Nature and Forestry Administration, invited on Saturday, the 18th of November, to the planting action for newborns of 2022. A variety of tall trees and shrubs were planted and there was a shrub for each child to plant this year. After the planting, the commune's administration was inviting to a barbecue. 

Now that the temperatures are dropping and the wood-burning ovens and fireplaces are slowly being lit, the environmental authorities are giving us a few practical tips to keep pollutant emissions low and heat with wood in a more environmentally friendly way.


Do you have books, clothes, toys or hand tools at home that you no longer need? Then bring it to the recycling centre in Munsbach - the second-hand area is open again. Drop by - you can take home up to 3 items per visit!


On Friday, the 27th of October 2023, the new subsidy regulations for sustainable new construction, energy-efficient renovation and installation of renewable energies were voted on. In addition to the increase from 30% to 50% of the amount of the state subsidy, various maximum amounts were also adjusted.


Interested in renovating your home or maybe already planning it? Make sure to check out the subsidy simulator of the Klima-Agence. Here you can find out about the financial support available for your project, with hardly any effort!


Do you want to actively promote the climate and nature in our commune? Then sign up now for our Climate and/or NatureTeam and let's realise great projects and activities together and make concrete contributions to the environment in our commune!


On the 7th of July 2023, the rose "Andethanna" was baptised during a great ceremony and is supposed to represent and connect the inhabitants of the commune of Niederanven. In order to honour the rose, the Board of Aldermen offers a rose to every interested household in the commune.
If you would also like to have one, you can still place your order until Friday the 13th of October via roberta.dario@niederanven.lu (please include the first and last name, the address and a telephone number).


Good insulation increases the energy efficiency of your home and replacing your gas or oil heating system also makes you less dependent on rising energy prices. Take advantage of the independent and free advice from the Klima-Agence now.


Seen it yet? Drinking water dispensers have recently been set up at three different locations in our commune so you can drink water directly from the dispenser or fill up your bottle.
For the sake of the environment, we ask you not to waste this precious resource.

  •  Scouts' Home at Senningerberg
  •  Jugendhaus Niederanven at Senningen
  •  Parc de l'Europe at Oberanven

A short review of a great mobility day in our commune. Under good weather conditions, many citizens tried out on foot, by bike or with a rollator the tours we suggested them.

The Syndicat d'Initiative de la Commune de Niederanven (SICN) together with the ORT Centre/Ouest, the Administration de la Nature et des Forêts and the municipality of Niederanven cordially invite you to the inauguration of the Guttland.Trail Aarnescht, on the 24th of September 2023.

Take part in the great programme around the trail through the unique nature reserve Aarnescht and spend a great day in nature with us.

Start at the entrance to the ''Groussebësch'', on the parking of the aeroplane monument.

 10h00: official inauguration of the Guttland.Trail Aarnescht in the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Lex Delles
 10h30: walk on the Guttland.Trail Aarnescht with explanations by the forestry officer of the municipality of Niederanven, Mr Pit Lacour
 ca. 14h00: Friendship drink with barbecue


As part of the European Mobility Week, we're inviting you to take part in the various tours through the commune on the 17th of September.
Whether you're a pedestrian, in a wheelchair, with a walking aid or on a bike (mountain bike or racing bike), everyone can take part. The tour starts at 10 am at the Kulturhaus in Niederanven

But there's more to come. Bring a bite to eat before the tours through the commune and join the Sunday Brunch of the Commission for Intercultural Living Together in the park of the Kulturhaus in Niederanven.

Good news!
From the 10th of September on, the new RGTR bus line 327 will be running, complementing the bus line 325. The timetables, as well as the exact itinerary, can be found on www.mobiliteit.lu.


Did you know? It is forbidden to simply pick fruit from a tree. That is why the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, together with the Syvicol, launched the "Gielt Band" campaign in 2021 .

You can also find fruit trees in our municipality, marked with a yellow ribbon - here you can pick apples, quinces, cherries, pears, plums as well as grapes. Help yourself and contribute to preventing huge amounts of fruit from rotting in gardens and public places every year!

Do you also have a fruit tree in an accessible garden? Then join the action and pick up your yellow ribbon at the town hall!

Interactive map with the fruit trees in our commune: http://g-o.lu/3/H8vG


For a respectful coexistence, we ask all dog lovers to consider a few rules when they are walking their loyal companion in the commune.

Did you know? From now on, you can make your request for state subsidies for the purchase of a photovoltaic system, a heat pump, a bicycle, a charging station and much more digitally via myguichet.lu!


In order to protect our environment, the climate and thus our health, Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg suggests a few small steps that everyone can make and thereby contribute to a more sustainable society.

Eist Klima_Infografik_2

What if you could produce energy... with the sun and on your balcony? Balcony power plants, or "Plug&Play" plants, are photovoltaic systems that generally consist of two modules and an inverter, and can be installed very easily on your balcony. The power of such a plant must be less than 800 Wp. 

  •   How does such an installation work?
  •   What do you need to pay attention to?
  •   Is a balcony power station cost-effective? 
  •   Can I also benefit from subsidies for a balcony power station?

Read the article from the Klima-Agence here!


Get on your bike!
From the 10th to the 30th of September, it's the Tour du Duerf again and our commune is also taking part. Register now and enter online your kilometres cycled from the 10th to the 30th of September.


Have you seen it? In addition to the QR code, the signposting in the Parc de l'Europe now also includes a label with the name of the tree. So
you can identify the tree at first glance. If you want even more information, you can of course still scan the QR code.


On Saturday, the 1st of July, the second Repair Café was held in Niederanven. A large number of amateur tinkerers helped repair a wide variety of objects. The event was accompanied by a Fairtrade coffee. In the end, 23 out of 36 items were repaired. Compared with last year, the attendance was almost double.

RepairCafé (2)

Do you also have an old mobile phone lying around that you no longer use? Then take part in the "Mobile Bag" project and donate your old smartphone to give others digital access. Mobile-Bag envelopes have recently been available at the reception desk of the town hall. You can put your old smartphone in these envelopes and drop it off at a POST collection point or hand it directly to your postman.

How to use the Mobile Bag?

  1. Remove your SIM card from the mobile phone
  2. Set your smartphone to factory settings. However, if you have any problems with this, the Digital Inclusion asbl team will take care of it for you
  3. Put your mobile phone (with or without charger) in the envelope and close it tightly
  4. Hand in the envelope at a POST collection point or to your postman

You can find more information at www.mobile-bag.lu.


On Saturday, the 1st of July 2023, a new edition of the Repair Café will take place in our town. So if you have small electronic devices, clothes, bicycles, toys or even small furniture pieces that are broken and you want to give them a chance for a second life, then the Repair Café is just the right place. Of course, we are always looking for people who can repair items as well.

What is a Repair Café?

REPAIR: Repair Cafés are voluntary meetings where participants repair their broken things together with others: small electrical appliances, clothes, bicycles, toys, small furniture and much more ... everything that is broken is welcome and deserves a chance for a second life.

Repairing not only saves money, but also valuable basic materials, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

CAFÉ: A Repair Café is also a place to meet and exchange. Come have a cup of coffee and chat with other residents of the region: exchange tips, initiate new projects and just have a good time together!

WANTED: Do you know electronics, woodwork, mechanics, tailoring, etc. and can repair? Come and support us! Repair Café needs you, because it only works with volunteers like you!


Today we present you the COPIL ''Guttland Musel'' with its rich diversity of different habitats.
Discover together with the animator Natura 2000, Tobias Mosthaf, from SIAS the nature conservation projects implemented by different actors of the COPIL ''Guttland Musel''!


There are indeed some unpopular animals in our country. From spiders to wasps and bats - with its new campaign, Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg asbl wants to draw attention to these animals and explain their benefits for biodiversity.

Did you know? Subsidies for solar energy have never been so attractive than at the moment. Visit the web site of the Klima-Agence and discover the financial incentives from which you may benefit.


The SIAS, together with its four founding members Contern, Sandweiler, Schuttrange and Niederanven, organised the 1st regional Klimadag on the 7th of May 2023. At the Recyclingzenter Munsbach, from 10h30 to 18h00, the visitors had the possibility to learn more about the climate and its connections with energy, resources, circular economy and agriculture. Throughout the day, great workshops for all ages, live lectures,
interactive stands, a repair café, as well as performances for children were organised. Have a look at our recap of the climate day.

Copyright : Fotoclub Gemeng Nidderaanwen

On Friday, the 5th of May, we took part in the NaturePact Day in Bettembourg. In the morning, we went on a great tour through the Bettembourg forest and the Ellergronn, and at noon we continued with interesting presentations and the awarding of the trophies. Along with 40 other municipalities, we also received our certificate. We have implemented over 40% of the measures and are now heading towards the next certification with motivation. A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this process!


On Sunday the 7th of May, the environmental commission of the Niederanven municipality invited to a fair brunch. Around 70 people did not miss the opportunity to start the day well with fair trade products. In this cadre, two cheques of € 1,250 each were handed over to Stroossenenglen and Rokku Mi Rokka by the commissions of the 4 SIAS municipalities.


As a Fairtrade certified commune, we have would like to introduce Fairtrade to our citizens. Come and see the exhibition in the town hall until the 14th of May, during the Fairtrade weeks and try our juice, tea, chocolate and cookies. 


We asked your opinion: out of 229 votes in our survey in the CityApp Niederanven, 59,15% of the participants said that they approved of switching off the public lighting between 1 am and 5 am at night. With these measures, we have thus been able to save around 75,850 kWh in the last 6 months. If the public lighting continues to be switched off throughout the year during this time, the municipality will probably be able to report an annual electricity saving of around 35%, compared to last year.

Would you like to learn more about energy-saving measures in the field of public lighting?
Then read the interesting article of the ClimatePact here: www.pacteclimat.lu.


On Friday, the 31st of March, we received our ClimatePact 2.0 certificate as a municipality. We have achieved more than 65% of the measures and are now moving with motivation towards the gold certification. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this success!


In this article of the "Ëmwelt Mëttwoch", together with the SIAS and the municipalities of Schuttrange, Contern and Sandweiler, we would like to invite you to the "Klimadag" which will take place on the 7th of May between 10:30 and 18:00 at the Munsbach recycling centre. The programme will include numerous live talks, interactive stands, children's activities, an anti-waste exhibition and a Repair Café!


During Mobility Week 2022, the Commune of Niederanven launched a survey that gave residents the opportunity to submit their ideas and suggestions for improving mobility in the commune. On Wednesday the 29th of March, the results of this survey were presented to the residents at the Centre des Loisirs ,,Loisi''.


On Friday, the 24th of March, a tower of vitality was inaugurated on the campus "Am Sand", which is a symbol for the preservation of biodiversity and will provide a habitat for insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals in the future. The levels of the tower were filled with different materials and a native herb mixture was sown around the tower. In addition, trees and shrubs were planted that are particularly pollinator-friendly due to their flowers. A great project by our Environmental Commission in cooperation with the SIAS, the forester and our gardening department.


The new energy efficiency requirements apply from the 1st of January 2023 and thus the heat pump is now the reference heating system when drawing up an energy pass for a new building. Read the article of the Klima-Agence here below: 

During Mobility Week 2022, we as a municipality launched a survey in which residents had the opportunity to submit their ideas and suggestions for improving mobility in our town. Now we would like to present the results of this survey to you and cordially invite you to the information evening, on the 29th of March at 18h30 in the Centre polyvalent ''Loisi''. Come along too and let's discuss together!


Opt for the sun, a sustainable and renewable source of energy! In collaboration with the municipalities of Schuttrange, Contern, Sandweiler and Weiler-la-Tour, the SIAS and the Klima-Agence, we are pleased to invite you to the thematic evening on photovoltaics, on the 22nd of March at 7pm at the Centre Culturel at Sandweiler. An energy expert from the Klima-Agence will answer your questions during this conference. The evening will be held in Luxembourgish and entry is free!


A look at the results of our efforts to reduce energy in the municipality's buildings. From October 2022 to January 2023, we were able to save a total of 16.5% gas compared to last winter - this is how it can continue!


Within the framework of the NaturePact, our municipality was certified in its first audit with 41.3% of the maximum number of points in the basic category. Especially in the area of "Nature conservation in general" we have made a big step forward with 86,5% and our efforts are bearing fruits. This is the right way to go.

Which temperature for which room? Take a look at the interesting infographic from the Ëmweltberodung Lëtzebuerg and save money by heating correctly.


Within the framework of the ClimatePact, our municipality was certified in category 3 with 73% of the maximum number of points. Especially in the area of "communication, cooperation" we have made a big step forward with 79% and our efforts are bearing fruits. This is the right way to go!

pacte climat banner

Participate in the Klima-Agence Energie-Spuerconcours from the 1st of February to the 31st of March 2023 and win an electric bike with a bit of luck!

Saving energy is the order of the day. Many households are currently rethinking their habits and trying not to waste energy.

Do you also plan to optimise your energy consumption, reduce your dependence on energy supplies in times of crisis and contribute to climate protection?

What do you need to do to achieve this?

The challenge of the competition is to reduce energy consumption between 1 February and 31 March 2023. This period will be compared to the same period of the previous year.

To take part, you must submit your consumption values from the previous year to the Klima-Agence on the website www.energie-spuerconcours.lu or send them by email to spuerconcours@klima-agence.lu. You can find these values in the customer portal of your energy supplier.

At the end of the competition period, you then submit the consumption data for the same period of that year to Klima-Agence.

For more information on the competition and access to the entry form, visit www.energie-spuerconcours.lu.

Dress a little warmer at home or at work and turn down the heating to save energy - take part in the European "Warm Sweater Day" on the 9th of February.
Participate in our contest on Facebook! Share your photo in a warm jumper with us under this post here, set the #waarmepulloverdag and with a little luck win a great drinking bottle from our municipality. The winner will be announced by us in a post on the 10th of February 2023.


There has been a lot of rain in the last few days with high water and flooding all over the country. Did you know that you can create your own alerts with the water levels and floods app? Download ''Meine Pegel'' (App Store | Google Play Store) now and be informed in time about the water level in your region.

Screenshot 2023-02-07 153625

In 2022, our municipality has launched and implemented more than 70 activities in the spirit of the ClimatePact. These activities include, for example:

  •  the launch of the "Ruffbus Syrdall" together with the municipality of Schuttrange
  •  the introduction of the environmentally friendly charter for associations
  •  the production of a brochure with the ecological subsidies
  •  the organisation of the 1st Repair Café on the 18th of June 2022 at the centre "A Schommesch" with 18 repairs
  •  the actions to promote tap water such as the distribution of free drinking bottles to school children and staff and the installation of 10 water dispensers in municipal buildings
  •  the workshops on the mission statement of the Climate Pact, the climate adaptation concept and the mobility concept
  •  the adoption of the resource concept, the energy saving measures and the basic principles for 2030 of the ClimatePact

Since the start of the year, 4 vehicles for car sharing by Flex by CFL can be found in our commune at 3 stations. The stations are located in:

  •    Niederanven near the “Spuerkeess”
  •   in Oberanven in front of the community hall
  •   in Senningerberg near the water tower.

The Flex Carsharing service offers you the possibility to use a car for a certain time without having to buy a car. To benefit from this service, all you need is the Flex app and a subscription. For more information, visit flex.lu or have a look at our flyer.