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The Hoplr app has arrived in our Commune! Hoplr is a neighborhood platform for everyone in the Commune of Niederanven. The project was launched on the initiative of our Commission for Intercultural living-together with the support of the Commune Administration of Niederanven and aims to offer you, as a resident of the Commune, an additional platform to get in touch with your neighbors in an easy way.


You can use Hoplr to:

  • get to know your neighborhood and welcome new neighbors
  • help your neighbors and offer support to one another
  • borrow household items, work tools, or other things from each other
  • find a good plumber or a reliable babysitter in the neighborhood
  • discuss current issues and stay up to date on the Commune
  • to plan and announce e.g. a flea market or a neighborhood festival among neighbors

How can you register? 

  1. download the mobile app or visit
  2. enter the code of our Commune: AFQXG
  3. register under the Commune of Niederanven

Download the Hoplr app now

App Store
Google Play

Of course, such a network only makes sense if enough neighbors register. The network has already proven itself in cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also in many communes in Luxembourg. The Commune Administration of Niederanven will play a passive role on this platform and will not provide official communication on it. We therefore ask all residents who register with Hoplr to work for a solidarity-based neighborhood, to remain friendly, and not to publish discriminatory or offensive posts.

Michelle Bingen

Coordinator for culture & living together