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Night Rider & Nightlifebus


What is the Night Rider?
The Night Rider is an individual night bus with no fixed route or stops. The Night Rider takes you safely and reliably to the address of your choice and back home, without the hassle of finding a parking space. The Night Rider bus runs throughout the Grand Duchy and operates exclusively at weekends between 6pm and 5am.

The advantages?

  • Online booking: You can book your transfer online on the web page up to 60 minutes before the desired departure time, provided you have a Night Card, a valid credit card or Digicash. If the desired departure time is no longer available, the booking system will automatically suggest an alternative time depending on availability.
  • SMS: Weather conditions and traffic may affect the arrival time of the Night Rider. Because of the combination with other requests, the departure of the Night Rider may vary by ±10 minutes. In order to inform you of the arrival of your Night Rider, a text message will be sent to you approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival time so that you know exactly when you need to be at the departure point.
  • Pricing model: The price of a booking depends on the distance - regardless of the number of people (max. 8) in the booking. The shortest, direct route is used as the basis for billing, even if the driver has to make a diversion to pick up or drop off other customers.
  • The principle applies: the more people you book, the cheaper the price.

Who can obtain a Night Card and where can I get it? 
All residents of Niederanven aged between 16 and 25 can obtain a Night Card from the Commune administration at a cost of €40/year. Adults aged 26 and over pay €80 per year.

How much does a Night Card cost? 
The cost of transfers for residents in possession of the Niederanven Night Card will be covered by the Commune administration, up to a maximum of €40 per journey. Any additional costs will be billed by the Commune, provided that the place of departure or destination is within the Commune of Niederanven*.
Any journey ordered, not used and not cancelled in good time (min. 2 hours before the confirmed pick-up time), will be billed to you by the Commune offices at the full rate.
When you get on the Night Rider, don't forget to show your Night Card to the driver!
* Niederanven, Oberanven, Hostert, Ernster, Rameldange, Senningen, Senningerberg, Waldhof

No internet? No problem! 
The Night Rider can be booked by telephone via the hotline 900 71 010 (3 cents/min., Monday to Thursday from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Friday and Saturday from 8.00am to 5.00am the following day).

The first regular night bus service in the country was inaugurated on 30 April 1999 by the Commune of Niederanven. Since then, the Nightlifebus has enjoyed constant popularity, carrying between 100 and 150 passengers every weekend, young and old alike.

The bus serves all the villages in the commune. There is a regular connection with the City-Night-Bus from the Centre Hamilius. The bus runs from Friday to Saturday every 60 minutes from 11.30pm. The last departure in the night is at 3.30 a.m. in the city centre.

On 14 March 2003, we had the pleasure of welcoming the 25,000th passenger on the Niederanven Nightlifebus. Since 1 November 2004, the number of passengers has exceeded 40,000.

The Commune also offers transport to major events in Luxembourg City if they cannot be reached by ordinary bus services. These additional bus services are available on the eve of the bank holidays and on New Year's Eve, during the Rock-um-Knuedler and the Schueberfouer.