The Board of Aldermen

open today 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM (without interruption)


The missions of the Board of Aldermen

The Board of Aldermen is the executive of the Commune and comprises the Mayor and the two Aldermen. The Board is responsible for drawing up the agenda for sittings of the Commune Council. The Board is also responsible for the implementation of laws, regulations and Grand-Ducal and ministerial decrees that do not concern the police. The Board of Aldermen also acts as the regulatory force in an emergency.

The Board of Aldermen is responsible for the execution of decisions, including the supervision of Commune departments and hiring. The Board of Aldermen is also responsible for the management of housing and works, financial management and the implementation of the budget in the Commune. The Board of Aldermen represents the Commune in court.

CSV Fréd Ternes Mayor

T. 34 11 34 - 1


déi gréng Josselijn de Vries Alderwoman

T. +352 34 11 34 - 1


CSV Jacques Bauer Alderman

T. +352 34 11 34 - 1


The areas of competence of the Board of Aldermen

  • Staff and communal administration
  • Security, health and emergency services
  • Education, children, youth and further education
  • Senior residents and intergenerational projects
  • Spatial planning and housing
  • Cults
  • Communication and residents' participation
  • Finance
  • Climate and energy, water and waste
  • Nature and environment
  • Mobility
  • Integration and living together
  • Culture and music
  • Town twinnings / Douzelage
  • Economy (shops, businesses, Horeca, tourism)
  • Volunteering and community life
  • Sports
  • Equal opportunities and social affairs
  • Developpment aid
  • Communal buildings
  • Digitalisation

Statement of the College of Aldermen and Mayor