Residents' participation

Bringing the Commune of Niederanven forward together!

Bringing the Commune of Niederanven forward together is our motto for the next 6 years. We believe that there is still a lot of potential in our Commune, if everyone contributes a little with their skills

Would you like to become involved? You can register for our ResidentTeams and committees at any time during the legislative period. Simply fill out our form on residents' participation!

Residents' participation Brochure

Discover the missions and activities of our ResidentTeams and committees


On the one hand, the Sports Team must incorporate its ideas and proposals into the organisation of sporting events, while at the same time offering its services as a volunteer. On the other hand, it serves integration and inclusion and encourages physical activity for all, whether or not they have a licence.

The Douzelage team aims to promote the activities of Douzelage, the twinning network of 28 towns, each located in a different EU country, in our commune.

Coordinator: Uli Fielitz
Secretary: Laura Gaul (HR & Communication)
Responsible alderwoman: Josselijn de Vries

The aim of the ClimateTeam is to promote energy transition and protect our climate and the environment by raising awareness, while complying with the ClimatePact 2.0 catalogue of measures.

Secretary: Kevin Becker (Service Technique)
Responsible alderwoman: Josselijn de Vries

The aim of the NatureTeam is to develop and implement projects to protect nature and biodiversity.

Secretary: Christiane Bour (Secretary office)
Responsible alderwoman: Josselijn de Vries


The objective of Niedz4Kidz is not only to see life in the Commune through the eyes of children, but above all to let them actively participate in its development.

Secretary: Manuela Klensch-Melchior (HR & Communication)
Responsible for the area: Fréd Ternes

The objective of this platform is a regular exchange between the school, the Maison Relais, parents and the Commune.

Secretary: Michèle Lentz (Secretary office of the School ''Am Sand'')
Responsible for the area: Fréd Ternes

The objective of this platform is a regular exchange between the operator of the Youth Center, interested residents and the Commune.

Secretary: Representative from Elisabeth Jeunesse
Responsible for the area: Fréd Ternes

The aim of Nied2Move is to support associations and other partners in their work and to offer them the opportunity to develop, to promote an active society and to take advantage of sport as a means of integration and inclusion without competing with these sports associations or other partners. Nied2Move is made up of representatives of the various stakeholders (associations, maison relais, school, Jugendhaus, Syrdall Schwemm and the sports coordinator).

Secretary: Christophe Junker (Secretary office)
Responsible alderman: Jacques Bauer

The objective of Nieds4Seniors is to let seniors actively participate in life in the Commune and at the same time raise awareness of their particular needs.  

Secretary: Roberta Dario (Secretary office)
Responsible for the area: Fréd Ternes