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New website for the Commune of Niederanven

Publié le 15 April 2024

After exactly one year of work, today, on the 15th of April 2024 , the Board of Aldermen and the Commune Council, together with the staff of the commune of Niederanven, are happy to present the new website

The realisation of the new website was very much a team effort. Even though the HR & Communication department was primarily responsible for the project within the Commune, the intention from the start was to involve all communal services in the process. Great importance was also set on the cooperation with our external partners, such as the Niederanven Youth Centre, the Maison Relais, or the Kulturhaus Niederanven. Therefore, ideas have been exchanged to simplify the navigation of the website for the staff who work with the website on a daily basis as well as for the residents and visitors of our Commune and suggestions have been made to complete the content of the website.

Inspired by the current graphic charter of the Commune, the new website has a fresh and modern design. While the colours white, petrol blue and turquoise dominate the website, the other colours of the communal logo can also be found throughout. The new design of the website is completed with many different photos that reflect everyday life in the commune.

As before, the new website is available in four languages: Luxembourgish, German, French and English. The main navigation menu is divided into 6 major categories, which have been reorganised to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. By including quick links in the first part of the homepage, visitors should be able to find the most frequently searched topics quickly and easily and be directed to the relevant pages. An overview of the latest news, upcoming events and the environmental calendar form the central part of the homepage.

In addition to the more intuitive navigation, many new elements complete the website and ensure that it remains the first address for residents and visitors to obtain information or complete administrative procedures.

Some pages have been newly created, others have been improved and completed. One new addition is a media library which contains both regulations, brochures, press releases and the E-Raider as well as photos from past events. Thanks to the corresponding search function, media can be filtered by predefined categories or the media library can be browsed using own keywords.
The forms section has also been reorganised. With the help of an additional tool whose servers are in Belgium and fully fulfil the GDPR guidelines, many forms can now be filled out and submitted online. Another highlight of the new website is the interactive map, which visually displays the most important places in the commune in a completely new design, divided into different categories and colours and equipped with the most important information.

Although much of the work is already done, the website is not yet finished. When choosing an agency to help us realise our ideas and wishes for the new website, it was particularly important to us that it could be constantly adapted after publication and that the content, design and functionality could be changed and optimised at any time. Various features will be added during this year with the aim of making it easier for people to live and work in the commune and to explore our commune. We are particularly focussing on the accessibility of the website. While the new design and an optimised structure already mark great progress in this domain, we are also continuing to work on making the website even more accessible for people with disabilities and/or people who use assistive software or specialised equipment.

Another project in the near future is the expansion of the reservation system for commune halls for private individuals and associations, which should simplify and clarify the process of renting halls. In this context, the communication between clubs or associations and the commune will also be improved by optimising the commune index and providing a login option that allows associations to update their contact details and information on the website by themselves if required.

As part of the digitalisation strategy, the aim for the future is to make work as paperless as possible. For instance, the use of paper forms will be reduced to a minimum over the next few years and most administrative processes for residents can be completed from home. For the time being, all applications will continue to be possible in non-digital form.

As mentioned above, the new website of the commune of Niederanven is a project that is not yet finalised, but is being completed, optimised and improved with each additional day. We therefore value the opinions and suggestions of our users and invite them to send us their feedback by e-mail via

A special thank you for the development of the project goes to all services and employees of the commune of Niederanven, our partners from the commune and beyond, as well as to the agency e-connect for the good co-operation during the last months.