Completed projects

Football court

After two months of work, the new surface of the artificial turf pitch was received by the FLF on 4.7.2022.

New morgue Hostert

La nouvelle morgue du cimetière de Hostert a été achevée. Moins de deux ans après le début des travaux, elle a été officiellement inaugurée. Outre la nouvelle morgue, de nouveaux toilettes ont également été construits pour le public.

New playground Hostert

Renovation of pedestrian crossings at bus stops

In recent years, a large number of pedestrian crossings have been equipped with new lighting to increase safety. Furthermore, bus stops have been made accessible for people with limited mobility.

Ecological car park in Ernster

The ecological car park in Ernster is proof that parking space creation and the environment do not always have to be at odds with each other.

Renovation 4 Tennis courts (outside)

Renovation locker room (Old  sportscentre)

Renovation School

New kitchen CIPA