Art and Culture

Kulturhaus Niederanven

145, route de Trèves
L-6940 Niederanven
T. (+352) 26 34 73 1
F. (+352) 36 34 73 23 

The “Kulturhaus Niederanven” (KHN) represents the new home of culture, a center of arts and meeting place for all generations. It is the perfect showcase for all the cultural aspirations of a developing community.

Le centre polyvalent "A Schommesch"

18, rue d'Ernster
L-6977 Oberanven

Le centre de loisirs "Loisi"

7, Routscheed
L - 6939 Niederanven
​T. (+352) 34 85 19 
F. (+352) 34 93 64

Ale Pompjees Schapp Senneng

38, rue du Château
L - 6961 Senneng
Contact: 691 507 814/

Embark on a journey through time and discover milestones in the history of fire brigades. In our fire brigade museum, collectibles show almost a century of fire brigade history. On display are old, sometimes rare exhibits from the history of Luxembourg, as well as from all over the world. This goes from badges, helmets, uniforms, fire extinguishers and miniature cars to hand syringes and relics from war time to documents.

To visit the museum, please fix an appointment and the team of the museum will lead you through the history of the fire department.

Additionally, we provide you with some galleries of the visit of our prime minister and of the inauguration of the museum. 

Visite du Premier Ministre  Inauguration

Book booth

The book booth is available for reading or exchanging books.

If you take out a book, you put another in its place, or you read it and bring it back as soon as possible.

The books put in the cabin must be and remain in good condition.

Authorized are:

Books for children and young people, thrillers, novels, cookbooks or other specialized works, dictionaries, lexicon ,...

Also admitted are magazines such as National Geographic, or other scientific literature.

We count on your common sense not to put indecent or shocking literature in the book booth.

If you encounter any problem in the booth, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Lena Gries on 34 11 34-46 or  to report it.

Good reading!


Hei fannt Dir d’Datumer vum Bicherbus fir d‘Periode September 2022 bis Februar 2023 fir eis Gemeng.

Am August leet de Bicherbus eng Paus an.