Nature team and certification

The commune of Niederanven has been certified since its first audit on 27.01.2023 Basis and has thus achieved 41.3 % of the maximum score from a standing start.

The current nature team is composed of the following persons:

  • 1 local councillor: Fréd Ternes
  • 8 interested citizens: Rose Scharfe (President), Franco Avena, Sandy Fournelle, Fränk Goergen, Nick Heiter, Kolla Koob, Paul Mathes, Philippe Schmit
  • District Forester Niederanven: Pit Lacour
  • SIAS Nature Pact Advisor: Xavier Petry
  • 2 community officers: Kevin Becker, Christiane Bour

Report of the auditor Dr. Markus Quack of 27.1.2023

"The commune of Niederanven is supported professionally as well as in terms of personnel by its membership in the nature conservation syndicate SIAS with regard to the concerns of PACTE NATURE. The commune representatives in the Nature Pact team are very motivated, in addition effective guidance is provided by the Conseiller as well as by associated representatives of SIAS.

Through the short-term elaboration of strategies and concepts as well as the signing of numerous communal council resolutions, it was even possible to achieve basic certification (40%), although this had not previously been a mandatory target.

Special attention should be paid to the multi-annual strategy, as it is formulated in a goal-oriented way, reflects the central concerns of PACTE NATURE and provides a very good basis for future work.

On the basis of this strategy and the self-imposed work programme (see chapter 4 of the Demande d'audit), re-certification on a bronze basis (in the amount of 50%) should definitely be aimed for in the 2023 financial year.

In this context, the next steps should be

Continuation of PACTE Nature-relevant mapping and data collection, elaboration of suitable management concepts (especially green space management), elaboration of the aspects defined in the municipality's own strategy, PAG redefinitions incl. consideration of ZSUs, etc.".