Target 2030

The climate targets set by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Energy in the PNEC "Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan" for 2030 include

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases by -55% compared to the reference year 2005
  • Increase of renewable energy from 11% to 25%.
  • Increase in energy efficiency from 40% to 44%.

As a municipality, we set our targets in accordance with these regulations and do our best to meet and, in the best case, exceed them.

You can find the full national energy and climate plan here:

In addition to this national plan, we have drawn up additional concepts for development up to 2030:

Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan Luxembourg 2021-2030

Leitbild Niederanven - Klimapakt 2.0

Resource concept Niederanven

Energy concept

Digitalisation concept

Climate adaptation concept - final report

Final report - action map