The budget is both a political and a legal act; it is voted on by the town council and approved by the Minister of the Interior. It is divided into an ordinary chapter and an extraordinary chapter, for both revenue and expenditure. The ordinary section covers current income and expenditure, while the extraordinary section covers capital transactions.

The draft budget is drawn up by the College of Aldermen as part of a sustainable development policy and is a step in the implementation of the statement of the College of Aldermen and Mayor 2023-2029.

The College of Aldermen's political priorities are to:

  • expand services for residents
  • promote harmonious living together
  • achieve climate neutrality

Presented by the College of Aldermen during the minute of the Town Council of the 29th of November 2023, the budget 2024 was voted by the Town Council during its meeting of the 8th of December 2023.

Please find below the complete budget for the year 2024:

Budget 2024 

Presentation of the budget 2024 (FR)

Extraordinary expenditure based on the 3 major objectives of the college of aldermen