Tour du duerf

GET ON YOUR BIKE! 10.09. - 30.09.2022

TOUR du DUERF is a campaign developed by Climate Alliance/Klima-Bündnis, the largest network of cities committed to protecting the world’s climate. For the 9th year
in a row, it is organized in Luxembourg by Klima-Bündnis Lëtzebuerg and the Ministry for Mobility and Public Works.

Local politicians, local inhabitants, school classes, clubs and companies team up to promote cycling, raise awareness for climate protection and improve their quality of life. On 21 consecutive days, as many kilometers as possible should be covered by bike (or e-bike) for professional and private purposes with zero emissions.

Who is able to participate in the TOUR du DUERFcampaign?
• Members of the city councils/regional committees of participating municipalities/regions;
• Inhabitants of participating municipalities/regions;
• Anyone who works, belongs to a club or attends school or university in a participating municipality/region.

Where can I see if my municipality is participating?
All participating municipalities/regions are listed on Should your municipality not feature in this list, approach your city council and suggest that they participate in the campaign!

Where can I sign up and record the kilometers I have cycled?
Sign up for your municipality/region on Enter an existing team or create a new one. After signing up, the kilometers cycled can be entered here, which will then automatically be credited to the team and municipality. Participants with a smartphone can use the TOUR du DUERF /CITY CYCLING app (for Android and iOS systems) to enter their kilometers. The app is very handy (it is no longer necessary to log in via the website) and it is even possible to simply use your mobile phone’s GPS function to calculate the exact route and kilometers covered. Participants with no Internet have to sign up through their team-captain and forward him their kilometers, so that he/she can enter them into the cycle log.

Interested? More information and registration on !