As a Fairtrade community, we displayed Fairtrade items, such as clothes and food in the community hall for the citizens during the Fairtrade week, from 2.5-13.5. Every citizen could enjoy a piece of fair chocolate and a glass of fair orange juice or take a fair rose during these weeks. In addition to this action, the Board of Aldermen and some members of the Environmental Commission distributed fair bananas to the school children on 11.5 in the morning. As a conclusion to these actions, the municipal council was served fair pastries and fair coffee at their meeting on 20.5.

In addition to these temporary actions, a lot of Fairtrade is bought in the community throughout the year. For example, the coffee and orange juice in the parish hall is Fairtrade. In addition, when large orders are placed, care is taken to ensure that baked goods and flowers are not only bought locally, but also fairly.