Administrative procedures

With the help of "Guichet public", you are able to find all the explanations of the different administrative procedures. 

Note: Be advised that "Guichet public" only provides the instructions & information in French or German. Nevertheless, the Immigration section is also available in English. 

  • Taxes
    Whether you are resident or cross-border, every taxpayer is subject to certain legal provisions, leading to formalities with various administrations.
  • Employment
    In Luxembourg employment relationships (contracts, holidays, permits, taxes, etc.) are framed by a series of legal provisions.
  • Family
    ​​Marriage, partnership, birth, adoption, divorce, separation, death: in all these different situations of life the individual is required to make certain representations to various contact persons.
  • Education
    This section shows the educational system in Luxembourg, from primary school, through university to continuing education for adults: discover the multiple offers in Luxembourg.
  • Citizenship
    Rights and duties of the citizens in Luxembourg, immigration, access to citizenship and elections.
    This section explains the details of certain civil and political rights.
  • Transport
    ​The procedures related to the use of the different public means of transport in Luxembourg: transport cards, driving licenses, vehicle registration, import, etc., are described in this section. 
  • Housing
    This part of the portal provides information on procedures and financial aid for rental, purchase, construction and renovation of housing.
  • Health/Social
    The Luxembourg social security system (health insurance benefits, accident, pension and social benefits) is to protect the insured against a number of contingencies that may reduce or eliminate its activity, impose additional charges or reduce to dependence. Some paperwork however are to be made: in order to qualify for this protection, the steps may vary as for the person concerned is resident in Luxembourg or not.
  • Leisure
    Tourism and involvement in a leisure association or sports club ask for carrying out certain administrative formalities.
    The leisure offer is to be found on Internet. Practical tips to surf safely are also available.
  • Immigration 
    People wishing to settle in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, however long their stay may be and irrespective of their origin, must complete certain administrative procedures.