Social assistance office

As defined by the Law of 18 December 2009 on the regulation of social assistance in Luxembourg, the CENTREST Social Service was established in 2011 and is responsible for the following municipalities:

  • Betzdorf (Betzdorf, Berg, Mensdorf, Olingen & Roodt-sur-Syre)
  • Junglinster (Altlinster, Beidweiler, Bourglinster, Eisenborn, Eschweiler, Godbrange, Gonderange, Graulinster, Imbringen, Junglinster et Rodenbourg)
  • Niederanven (Ernster, Hostert, Niederanven, Oberanven, Rameldange, Senningen, Senningerberg et Waldhof)

Pourquoi nous contacter ?

Nos missions :
  • informer sur les droits et devoirs
  • orienter vers des services adaptés
  • accompagner dans des démarches

Addresses and contacts:

Office social du Centrest

10, rue de Wormeldange
L-6955 Rodenbourg


Opening times: 8:30 until 11:30:

Consultation with the social assistants only on appointment: tel 770 345-1

Representative de Niederanven

Gaston Schon
Sonja Ugen