Kannerkaart - the children's map of the commune

Press release from the 20th of September 2023

Fresh from the press and off to the classes with them! On Wednesday, the 20th of September 2023, the Board of Aldermen visited the pupils from Cycle 4.2 from the school "Am Sand" to hand them out - as the first children in the commune - a children's map.

It was the idea of the children to have a children's map made for their commune with their favourite places. The members of the citizen's team "Niedz4Kidz" took up this idea and got in touch with the graphic agency HUMAN MADE to create this great project.

The children were also involved in the realisation of the map. It is a map by the children for the children from the municipality of Niederanven. In July we organised a workshop with the pupils from Cycle 4.1 (school year 2022/2023) from the school "Am Sand", during which the children could immediately look together with the agency how to improve the map. They told us what their favourite places were and what was missing on the map. The suggestions were kept back and the map could be finalised.

The children's map is not to scale, but the complex "Am Sand" with the school, the Maison Relais, the swimming pool, the CIPA Gréngewald, etc. stands out because of its size and forms the centre of the map. Around it extends the rest of the commune with the villages of Niederanven, Oberanven, Senningerberg, Senningen, Ernster, Hostert, Ramelange, Waldhaff and Stafelter. The map is self-explanatory and therefore has little text and no legend. So even the youngest children understand what is shown on the map.

It was important to those involved in the project to create a children's map that is suitable for all ages and also has an appealing design for adults. The back of the map contains a text in four languages explaining the project of the children's map and introducing Niedz4Kidz.

The first edition was printed 2,500 times. In addition to Cycle 4.2, the other children from the school "Am Sand" also receive a copy of the map. In addition, the maps are handed out in the Maison Relais and in the youth centre. If new families register in the commune, they also receive a map. The map is also displayed on an aluminium DIBOND plate in the school, in the Maison Relais, in the Centre de Loisirs "Loisi" and in the skate park.

Even though the children's card was printed on paper, it is by no means static. As a commune, it was important to us that the map lives. In addition to the elements of the map that the agency makes available to us, including for social media and the commune's website, residents from the commune also have the opportunity to send in their ideas and suggestions by e-mail via communication@niederanven.lu so that the map can be updated regularly.

Download the ''Kannerkaart''