"Protecting the environment means reducing traffic"

Our town is fully integrated into the national public transport network. Several lines have a direct connection to our Municipality and serve many well spread stops.

Here are the details of the stops

You can find the city bus schedules to the town of Niederanven on

Night Rider


The Night Rider is an individual night bus service without fixed stops and without fixed timetable. Reliable and safe, with no need to find a parking space, the Night Rider brings you to the place of your choice and back home. The service operates over the entire Grand Duchy and works exclusively on weekends between 6 pm and 5 am.


Online Booking: You can choose and book your Night Rider run conveniently online up to 60 minutes before your pick-up time. The only requirement for booking is to have a valid Night Card, credit card or Digicash. If your desired pick-up time is booked out, you will automatically be offered an alternative travel schedule.
The pick-up SMS: As traffic or weather conditions may influence the journey time of the Night Rider, and by the necessity to combine with other travel bookings, the departure time may differ up to 10 minutes. This is why you will always get a pick-up SMS at least 10 minutes in advance to inform you about when exactly your bus will be arriving.
The cost model: The price of a Night Rider booking is distance-dependent – independent for how many persons (max 8 ) the reservation was booked. It is always the shortest route that will be calculated, even if the bus has to pick up / drop off other passengers by a longer way, true to the motto: The more people one booking contains, the cheaper the price per person.


Niederanven citizens aged 16 to 25 can buy a Night Card for an annual fee of 40 € and adults up from 26 years for 80 € at the Municipality Office


For every citizen owning a Night Card, the Municipality of Niederanven will pay for the transport costs up to 40 € / trip. Further costs will be charged by the Administration. The only condition is that either the destination or the pick-up address is located on the municipal territory*.
For any unclaimed or not cancelled by time trip (at least 2 hours before the confirmed pickup time) the Niederanven Administration will send you an invoice.
When boarding, remember to show your Night Card to the driver!
* Niederanven, Oberanven, Hostert, Ernster, Rameldange, Senningen, Senningerberg, Waldhof


The Night Rider can also be booked by phone at the booking hotline 900 71 010 (3 Cent /min., Mondays to Thursdays 8 am – 6 pm, Fridays and Saturdays 8 am – 5 pm the following day).


Transport for associations and clubs

The town offers 2 minibuses for associations, sports clubs or cultural associations when they need to travel outside the municipality. Application form.

The user has to drive himself. If the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the minibus, and if the transport happens only on national territory, a school bus with a driver is put at their disposal.

Compensation on your annual transport card

To qualify for such a compensation, you have to download and fill out the form below and return it to our office.

Download the form

School transportation

In order to transport the pupils to the primary school "Am Sand" in Oberanven, the town offers a performant school bus service.

It consists of 8 different lines, serving all the localities in the municipality of Niederanven.
3 of 8 lines are served by buses belonging to the municipality.
Please find the schedules of the bus lines in our publications.
For the non-class afternoons or other free time, these buses also serve the local music school, tutoring or transportation of elderly people going to the shopping center in Niederanven.

Pedibus Niederanven: a project that works!

The Pedibus is a school “bus” system, done only by walking and works on the following principle: adults accompany a group of children on their way to school. Like a traditional bus, the Pedibus picks up the children at different predefined places and leads them to school on a fixed route and according to a fixed schedule.

How does the Pedibus work?

The children wait for the Pedibus at the agreed meeting point. Throughout the journey, done by walking only, the Pedibus picks up children joining the convoy at the various stops. Nothing is easier! However, a registration is required.

The children, in the company of their comrades and two adult guides, will be able to reach their school in a safe, healthy and ecological way.

This service is offered for children up from cycle 1. A covered cart transports additional material and school bags. The Pedibus circulates in all weathers, which by experience poses no problem if children are well protected by adequate clothing.

Why should our children walk to school?

  • Going on foot is good for your health!

In order to avoid overweight problems often due to lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle, parents should encourage their children to walk more regularly.

  • Going on foot is more fun!

Meeting, discussing with other children and discoveries along the way are of great importance for the social development of our children.

  • Going on foot is good for the environment!

Car traffic on the way to school and in front of school buildings causes a significant pollution of the environment. Therefore walking contributes to protecting the environment.

Up from the start of the 2019/2020 school year,

Line A of the Pedibus operates in Niederanven in the streets Dicks, Michel Lentz, Rénert and Laach. The journey takes approximately 22 minutes.

Line B of the Pedibus operates in Oberanven in the “Wakelter”, in the streets Schetzel, Jean-Pierre Gloden and du Coin. This journey takes approximately 18 minutes.

The College of Alderman will introduce a third line for the school year 2020/2021 in the quarter “um Trenker” in Senningen.


• Appropriate signage provides maximum security for the Pedibus route.

• Adult guides follow a series of behavioral rules.

• Guides and children wear safety vests. In bad weather, ponchos protect children from the rain.

• When arriving on the school campus, the children are accompanied to the various school buildings.


For all information: Christiane Bour (secretarial office Commune of Niederanven) ,. Phone. 34 11 34 - 43 / and José Carvalheiro Pereira (technical service Commune of Niederanven), Tel. 34 11 34 - 59/

For coordination with guides: Maison Relais Niederanven, Tel. 26 34 0068 - 1/

Call a Bus (formerly Rollibus)

It is an on-demand bus service for wheelchair users.
In cooperation with the City of Luxembourg, Niederanven offers the "Call a Bus" service to anyone who is forced to use a wheelchair. This person may be accompanied by a valid person.
The "Call a Bus" circulates on the territory of the Municipality of Niederanven and the City of Luxembourg. Under certain conditions, the "Call a Bus" service can also serve destinations outside of the aforementioned municipalities. Please inquire at 4796-4797.
The price is 2.00 € per person in a wheelchair and € 2.00 for the accompanying person.
The service operates from Monday to Sunday between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm.

This service always starts at the doorstep of the building where you are picked up and ends at the entrance door of the destination building. The driver will help the client to get on and off the bus and secure the wheelchair with belts.

To use the "Call a Bus" service, call 4796-4797 at least 45 minutes before departure. Indicate the time and place of departure and your destination. Reservations are accepted no earlier than three weeks before the desired date.

The Nightlifebus

The first regular night bus line in Luxembourg was inaugurated April 30, 1999 by the municipality of Niederanven. Since then the Nightlifebus enjoys a constant popularity and transports every weekend between 100 and 150 passengers of all generations.
The bus serves all the localities of the municipality and has a regular connection with the City-Night-Bus from the Luxembourg-City Centre.
The bus runs from Wednesday to Saturday every 60 minutes from 11:30 pm. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the last departure is at 1.30 am in the City center, on Fridays and Saturdays at 3.30 am.

On 14 March 2003 already, the Mayor Raymond Weydert had the pleasure to honor the 25.000st passenger of the Nightlifebus Niederanven. Since November 1, 2004 the number of passengers exceeded 40,000.
The town also offers transports to major special events in Luxembourg City, if they are not accessible with regular bus lines. These services function with additional buses on the eve of the National Day and New Year's Eve, for the “Rock-um-Knuedler” event and the “Schueberfouer”.
Please find the schedule of Nightlifebus at the link below.

Download the schedule (05.06.2020)

“Charly” shuttle

A personalized shuttle service is available to all the residents of the Municipality of Niederanven, be that for shopping, medical visits, correspondence with other bus lines or other trips in the center of the town.

Download Charly-flyer (DE)Download Charly-flyer (FR)