Projects (Cycle lanes)

Redevelopment "rue Routscheed"

At the municipal council meeting of 21.5.2021, the project regarding the redevelopment of the “rue Routscheed” was approved. In this project, a sidewalk between the connecting road to “rue Laach” and the school will be constructed. This sidewalk crosses the Parking area of the CIPA, which is a measure to make the car driver aware that you need to be careful in this zone and drive slowly. This way we can guarantee a safe way to school on this section. Furthermore, the bus stop in front of the school will be adapted so that the school children can ideally get on the bus.

Cycling and walking path “Rue du coin” - Maison Relais

The municipality of Niederanven attaches great importance to the safety of schoolchildren. For this reason, the school path between the Rue du coin in Oberanven and the Maison Relais will be redeveloped and enlarged in spring 2021. Over a length of 250 m, a common cycle and pedestrian path with a width of 2.5 m will be installed. .

Cycling and walking path Niederanven – Roodt/Syr

The municipalities of Niederanven and Betzdorf have planned to link their municipalities with a cycle path along the N1, in order to promote a more easy and secure connection for pedestrians and cyclists. The main objective is to establish an additional link between the east of the country and the city of Luxembourg.

The planned project will largely be on the territory of the municipality of Niederanven. The cycle path, on the one hand, is planned on a length of approximately 850 m on the existing country road alongside the Luxair monument. On the other hand, the path of approximately 1.2 km in length and 3.5 m in width will be refurbished.

In addition, this project provides for around 15 parking spaces in front of the Groussebesch.

Connection for pedestrians and cyclists Nidderanwen – Schëtter

The construction of the long-awaited connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the municipalities of Niederanven and Schuttrange will begin on 8 February 2021. The aim is to ensure a safe bicycle connection between the SIAS communities. This further leads to the fact that Z.I. Bombicht to the recycling center in the future without problems on foot or can be reached by bike.

This connection leads on the Niederanven side over the Rue de Munsbach and over the old street and over the Rue Jacques Lamort on the one hand. The completion of this new connection is planned for the end of 2021.