"Maarkollef" adventure trail

In the municipal council meeting of 25.6.2021, the adventure trail "Maarkollef" was approved. This trail has a total length of 3.0 km and runs in the "Groussebësch" between Niederanven and Roodt-Syre. This trail is intended as an innovative educational trail for school children and their families. The aim is for the children to discover and learn about the forest at the stations through interaction of various actions. Along the trail, 13 stations are planned where the jay either motivates visitors to interact or imparts knowledge with additional information. At the stations "Beech Search" and "Oak View", the jay introduces different tree species from the forest and challenges the children to search for them in the forest. Furthermore, the jay motivates visitors to be creative at the "Forest Art" station. At this station, visitors also learn interesting facts about the camouflage behaviour of various animals. The "Sensory Trail" helps visitors to become aware of the forest by touching, looking and listening. At the other stations, such as "Water", "Soil Secrets", "Tasks of the Forest" and "Valuable Wood", the jay explains the partly hidden treasures of the forest. In addition to parking for cars at the aircraft memorial, access by bicycle will be guaranteed due to the new cycle path between Niederanven and Roodt-Syre. The completion of the adventure trail is planned for spring 2022.

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