This Thursday, from 3 pm to 6pm, our integration committee is again organizing a collection point at the Centre polyvalent 'A Schommesch', where donated clothes are also sorted.
For the store we need: Toiletries, travel cases (supple), bags, hair dryers, irons, child seats (cars), pressure gauge.
We also cordially invite you to our weekly get-together 'Moien@Niederanven'' this Friday from 10 am to 12 am at the Centre polyvalent 'A Schommesch'.
Volunteers are always welcome for both days too, please contact us by email ( or enroll via Doodle (

The main topic of today's municipal council meeting was the situation in Ukraine and how we as a Commune can help the Ukrainian people. A resolution was drafted for this purpose, which you can now read on our website.

Résolution du Conseil communal de la Commune de Niederanven pour soutenir l'Ukraine victime dune agression militaire de la Russie

Approbation d’un subside aux victimes de la crise en Ukraine

Arrivals in Luxembourg - Ukraine

In the context of the arrival in Luxembourg of people fleeing the war in Ukraine, specific procedures have been set up to welcome and assist them, including those people that have already arrived in Luxembourg.

Registration of displaced persons and temporary protection

All displaced persons arriving in Luxembourg from Ukraine are kindly requested to make their presence known and to communicate their contact details to the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs by submitting the following form to:

Formulaire-EN     Formulaire-FR     Formulaire-UK     Formulaire-RU

This information helps the Luxembourgish authorities to contact them with a view to apply for temporary protection.

Temporary protection status is a specific protection status applied at EU level for people who have fled the war in Ukraine. It is available to anyone who was a resident of Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and who arrived in Luxembourg on or shortly before 24 February 2022. It applies to Ukrainian nationals and their family members, but also to nationals of third countries other than Ukraine who have resided in Ukraine, and who are unable to return to their country or region of origin in safe and durable conditions.

More detailed information on the procedure to follow in order to introduce an application for temporary protection status, as well as on the rights conferred by temporary protection status, can be found on the following website:

While waiting to be contacted by the Luxembourg authorities with a view to submitting an application for temporary protection, people fleeing the war in Ukraine do not need to take any particular steps to stay in Luxembourg.

Accommodation and offers for private housing

The government has set-up a center for an initial reception in order to host persons fleeing the war in Ukraine. This emergency reception center, accessible 24/7, is situated at the SHUK (Structure d’hébergement d’urgence au Kirchberg), 11, rue Carlo Hemmer in Luxembourg-City. The center will provide shelter during the first couple of days, as well as food and items of primary necessity, for people wishing to request temporary protection in Luxembourg, but also for those intending to continue onwards to another European country.

Pets are allowed at the initial reception center, where a special area has been set up for them. The Administration of Veterinary Services will ensure the regularization of the animals at the emergency accommodation structure. The practical arrangements to this end are in the process of being put in place.

Every Luxembourg resident who have offered or are offering to host Ukraine nationals at their home are requested to contact the Hotline managed by Caritas and the Red Cross, with the support of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region at +352 621 796 780 or via email:

Material donations

Persons wishing to make a material donation may consult the following website for further details:

Job offers

Employers wishing to hire beneficiaries of temporary protection can contact the ADEM, Employers Department, directly: +352 247 88000 ; email :

Consular assistance

Consular questions pertaining to people fleeing the war in Ukraine with Luxembourg as a destination should be addressed to the Consular assistance of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs: or +352 2478 2386.

Important information for initiatives in the area of private transport

Any private transport initiative to the Ukrainian border is the sole responsibility of the organisers.

The Ministry advises any private person, who plans to launch such an initiative that the reception and accommodation of the displaced people in question, who are often traumatized by the events they experienced, must be guaranteed. The Ministry strongly recommends to all persons planning such trips to contact the Ministry at before any potential departure.

For now, and while all the competent authorities are working at full speed to welcome people fleeing the war in Ukraine in the best possible conditions, and to process their applications for temporary protection status, we ask Luxembourg citizens and residents not to organise large scale transports unless private arrangements for short and medium term accommodation have been made by the organisers for the displaced persons concerned.

The Ministry draws attention to the number of unaccompanied children and without official documents on board of transports, for which the organisers are fully responsible. The organisers of private transport initiatives are advised to make sure that minors are not being trafficked.

In the light of the humanitary crisis in Ukraine, the municipal council has unanimously decided a subside of 10.000.- €, split between Caritas Luxembourg and the luxembourgish Red Cross. To help the affected, we plead to the citizens of the commune of Niederanven to join us with a donation towards the different NGOs.

Here's a list of the NGO's: