Biology Center – “Naturzenter SIAS” (

It is the Biological Center-Naturzenter SIAS who is responsible for tasks concerning the protection of nature and environments.

Since 1989 the municipal syndicate SIAS (Niederanven, Schuttrange, Sandweiler, Contern and Weiler-la-Tour) is active in the implementation of projects in the field of nature and environment protection. In 2000, the SIAS Naturzenter took over the coordination of tasks related to the protection of nature and up from 2003, on the initiative of the Ministry for environment, the biology center supports the protection of the natural communal territory. Beside the organization and coordination of planting works and maintenance tasks, the Naturzenter SIAS is primarily an assistance for any questions or problems concerning the protection of nature and environment.
In practice, the protection of nature encompasses planting and cutting of fruit trees, hedges, native shrubs, solitary trees and willows. Water bodies are arranged and promoted environmentally. Programs for the protection and maintenance of nature and landscapes are developed, biodiversity contracts are made with farmers - by which, in case of mutual agreement, the variety of species is favored. Related programs for the protection of endangered animals such as for example the little owl or bats are set up. A certain awareness concerning the protection of nature among the inhabitants is being considered.