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Energy label

Since March 1, 2021, some electrical appliances have received the new EU label for energy consumption. The previous energy labels will be gradually updated to include the more understandable energy classes A to G. The confusing plus signs (A +, A ++ A +++) are obsolete. New ecodesign requirements for the respective product categories were also decided. They contain further requirements for resource efficiency, such as the availability of spare parts and access to repair instructions. These also came into force on March 1, 2021.

The new energy labels are valid for the following products and can be found in stores:

  • TV
  • Monitors (energy labels for all categories of monitors are new for this product category)
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridges and freezers including wine coolers, minibars
  • Washing machines and washer-dryers (washing and drying combined in one device)
  • Refrigerated counters

Depending on the product category, devices from the top class A +++ will now be classified in classes B, C or D. The new top class A will probably only be achieved in a few years (if at all) when the energy efficiency of the concerned products can no longer be optimized on the basis of the new Ecodesign Directive.

Product category

Estimated minimum requirement

Fridges and freezers

at least class D

Washing machines <8kg

at least class C

Washing machines = /> 8kg

at least class B


at least class B

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Light smog

Finally, it is here. The marvelous time of the year, when we stroll through brightly lit streets all full of anticipation to the holidays. In these times, a front yard does not necessarily have to radiate as bright as the runway of Findel to start the holiday season. Even when you want to decorate your home surroundings with light chains, the motto is “less is more”, because this lighting also has its downsides.

As you can see from the poster here, the negative impact of too much exposure is considerable for humans and the environment: Sleep problems, depression and an increased risk of cancer due to a disturbed melatonin household are only a few negative effects on our health. Furthermore, many animals may also be disturbed in their day-night behavior, which negatively affects their health.

Therefore, if possible, decorate your garden with “warm” LED (≤ 3000 K) light bulbs, which can be recognized by its orange color, instead of the “cold” LED (> 3000 K) with a blue tone. Orange light is much less perturbing to the body compared to blue. Furthermore, you have already taken a big step in the right direction if you turn off Christmas lights at night (23h 6h) manually or by time clock.

Infographik Manner Luuchten Niederanven