Emwelt Mëttwoch

European Mobility Week (28.09.22)

Here are a few impressions of the "European Mobility Week" from 16 to 22.09.22 in Niederanven. Organised were:
Distribution of croissants with Fairtrade chocolate
4 bicycle tours and a skill course for children
2 workshops for planning mobility in our commune


"Wild perennials" Action (21.09.22)

As our action to plant a fruit tree was very successful last year, the municipality offers each household a package of 6 wild perennials to plant around the house. Please return the form you received by post until 30.09.2022 to the Commune of Niederanven



Invitation Mobilitéitswoch 2022 (14.09.22)

We invite you to participate in the various events of the Mobility Week 2022 programme in our municipality, which this year takes place under the motto ,,Better connections / Besser Verbindungen''.
  • Grousse Mobilitéitsdag zu Nidderaanwen
  • Workshop ''Aktiv Mobilitéit''
  • Workshop ''Espace Routier''

Mobilitéitswoch 2022

Tour du Duerf 2022 (07.09.22)

Everyone on your bikes! From the 10th to the 30th of September, take part in the TOUR du DUERF and enter online the kilometres you have cycled with your bike. Sign up now at www.tourduduerf.lu/sias

Tour du Duerf 2022

Mobilitéitswoch 2022 (31.08.22)

Come to the sports centre "Am Sand" in Oberanven on 18 September with your bike and start at 10 am on one of the different routes. For the children there will be an additional skills course. From 12 am there will be something to eat and drink.

Promote tap water (24.08.22)

To further promote tap water, the number of water dispensers in our buildings has been increased. In addition to the existing installations in the sports hall and the football field, water dispensers have been installed in the Culture House, the Formation House and the Town hall recently.

Carpooling (17.08.22)

Currently, the roads are less congested than usual. To ensure that this is also the case outside the holiday season, try carpooling. Besides reducing traffic, this also has a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

From citizens for citizens! (10.08.22)

We give you the opportunity to publish an article related to the environment in the municipality of Niederanven in "Ëmwelt Mëttwoch". We are interested in your ideas!
What do you have to do?
Write a short article on nature and environmental topics.
Monolingual is enough (Luxembourgish, German, French or English).
Send the article by 15.9 to secretariat@niederanven.lu.
The best article will be published at the end of September. (anonymous or with your name)


Vëlosummer (03.08.22)

Just in time for the "Vëlosummer", where a large part of the "Syre- an Uelzechtdall-Tour" runs on the territory of the municipality of Niederanven, the pavement of the path between Niederanven and Ernster was renewed.


Urban forestry (27.07.22)

In addition to the nature of our beautiful municipality, do you sometimes visit the forests of the neighbouring municipality of Luxembourg City? Then give them your feedback and help to beautify the forest.


New signage for the "Parc de l'Europe" (20.07.22)

Have you already seen the new signage for the "Parc de l'Europe"? Scan the QR code and find out more about all the trees on our website.

Promoting tap water (06.07.22)

In the context of promoting tap water, last week we gave each school child a drinking bottle with the municipality's logo. In the coming weeks, we will publish more actions to promote tap water. Look forward to it!

Energy weeks 2022 (29.06.22)

Do you want to build or renovate in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way? Then take part in the Energy Weeks 2022, from 30 June to 9 July. You can find more information on the web site of the Oekozenter Pafendall.


Reusable nappies (22.06.2022)

Reusable nappies, why not? On our web site you will find good reasons to turn your back on disposable nappies. Furthermore, we pay a subsidy that covers the purchase of reusable nappies.

Repair Café (15.06.22)

Do you have clothes, furniture, small electrical devices, toys, bicycles or other things at home that you would like to give a second life?
Then come to the Repair Café "A Schommesch" on Saturday the 18th of June and let us repair your parts together.


Solar roof cadastre (08.06.22)

Are you interested in a photovoltaic system but you don't know whether your roof is suitable? Then take a look at the solar roof cadastre on our website and get an initial estimate.
>> bit.ly/Niederanven-Solardachkataster
>> bit.ly/Niederanven-ËmweltMëttwoch

Workshop Klimapakt (01.06.22)

Your opinion is important to us! Therefore, help us define the right goals for 2030 and participate in the workshop on 29.6. If you are not familiar with the topics of the Climate Pact, attend the information meeting on 27.6 beforehand.

Invitatioun Workshop KlimaPakt-Bierger

Brochure of the conventions (25.05.22)

This week's "Ëmwelt Mëttwoch" was not found on social media, but in your letterbox. Here you can find the online version of the brochure of the conventions.


Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff (18.05.22)

Do you use your bike to go to work or school? May sees the return of the 'Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff' competition. Take part and win great prizes! Register your team now.






Fairtrade exposition (04.05.22)

As a Fairtrade certified commune, we have decided to introduce Fairtrade to our citizens. Come and see the exhibition in the town hall until the 13th of May, during the Fairtrade weeks. You can also help yourself to roses, chocolate and juice.

Waste collection (27.04.22)

On Sunday, the annual waste collection campaign of the municipality of Niederanven took place. Citizens could collect waste from nature on their own initiative, which was then sorted by the members of the environmental commission. For each kilo of waste, 1€ was donated to Télévie. At the end, we were able to hand over a cheque for €500 to Télévie.


Energy consumption (20.04.22)

Have the energy consumption in your home assessed between the 2nd and 6th of May. Make an appointment with your personal advisor now  8002 11 90

Big cleaning action (13.04.22)

For a clean environment and for Télévie. In cooperation with the sustainability commission, we kindly invite you to take part in our traditional ''big cleaning action'' on Sunday, the 24th of April 2022. You will find all the important information in our event, as well as on our web site! Don't forget to send us your picture from the collecting action

Cycle and pedestrian paths (06.04.22)

As municipality, we are permanently developing active mobility. In addition to the current construction site in the rue Routscheed, we have implemented three cycle and pedestrian paths in 2021 (towards Roodt-Syre, Munsbach and the Maison Relais).

Klima-Agence (30.03.22)

Did you know? myenergy becomes Klima-Agence. Because climate change affects us all, let's act together to shape our future.

Anniversary (23.02.22)

The 'Ëmwelt Mëttwoch' is celebrating its first anniversary today. During the past year, 52 articles were published in the context of climate and environment. These articles have been liked 627 times, commented 34 times and shared 250 times. 593 times you have visited our website with our personalised link. A big thank you to everyone who helps our articles reach the general public and we hope our community will continue to grow.

Compost (16.03.22)

As every year, the municipality of Niederanven provides its citizens with free compost for private use. You can find the compost all year round next to the recycling center in the "rue Jacques Lamort". To avoid unnecessary waste, the compost is not in bags, but loosely piled up. For this reason, you are asked to bring your own container for transport.

Reduce heating costs (09.03.22)

As heating costs are currently skyrocketing, here are a few simple tips to reduce costs.

  • Lower the room temperature: 1°C corresponds to 6% of the heating costs.
  • Don't leave windows in the tilt position: 4-6 minutes is enough.
  • Turn down the heating before airing
  • Lower blinds and close curtains at night
  • Ventilate and clean radiators
  • Do not cover radiators with furniture or curtains.
  • Reduce the heating temperature at night and when you are away with electronic controllers.
  • Close doors
  • Seal windows and doors

You can find more information at www.cleverhetzen.lu

Financial reward e-bike (02.03.22)

Benefit from a financial reward of up to 600€ from the state until the 31st of March 2022 when you buy an e-bike. Did you know that we as a municipality also award a bonus of up to 300€?


Ruffbus Syrdall (23.02.22)

As of 1 March, the call bus of the municipality of Niederanven, the Charly will be merged with the Syri-Express of the municipality of Schüttringen to form the joint Ruffbus Syrdall. This merger will enable a more efficient use of the two buses, which will serve the entire territories of the two municipalities in their new design. In addition to the two municipalities, various stations in the neighbouring municipalities of Betzdorf, Contern and Sandweiler are also served.

Thanks to the efficient use of the buses, the Ruffbus Syrdall can also serve the rehabilitation centre and the Robert Schuman Hospital in Kirchberg. This means that there is again a direct bus connection between the municipality of Niederanven and the hospital and the rehabilitation centre, which had been omitted after the adjustment of the RGTR plan.

The Ruffbus Syrdall is free of charge for the citizens of the municipalities of Niederanven and Schüttringen. You can reserve your ride by calling 28 108 -39.

Flyer Ruffbus Syrdall

Veloskart.lu (16.02.22)

On veloskaart.lu, problematic places for cycling have been listed. After analysing the map, we are pleased to announce that studies are already underway for most of the locations and that some improvements have even been made. The latest project to improve the public space for cyclists is the new project on rue Routscheed. A cycle and pedestrian path will be laid out to make the route to school safer.

Enoprimes - LED (09.02.22)

Mäin Offall-app (02.02.22)

Since this week, the municipality of Niederanven has been a partner in the "Mäin Offall" application of the environmental authorities.

  • The user can view the digital collection calendar for several addresses at any time;
  • The user can set reminders for the collections of his choice (typically the day before) so that he no longer forgets to take out his rubbish;
  • An interactive map allows users to find all publicly accessible collection points, whether it is a Container or a resource centre;
  • A waste dictionary contains useful tips on disposal and recycling;
  • In case of cancellation or change of a collection, push notifications are sent to users.

Natura 2000 (26.01.22)

We are one of the few municipalities that are members of two Natura 2000 steering committees. Here you can find the newsletter of the COPIL Mamer-Äischdall-Gréngewald.

Newsletter Copil MAG 03

Carboncounter.lu (19.01.22)

Prepare yourself for an environmentally friendly decision at the Autofestival 2022! The carboncounter.lu tool will help you compare different models and make a smart choice.

Superdreckskëscht (12.01.22)

We are proud to have received this week the 5-year diploma for sustainable resource management from the SuperDrecksKëscht.

Environmentaly friendly resolutions for 2022 (05.01.22)

Have you also made environmentally friendly resolutions for 2022? Here are a few ideas that you could realise this year.

Give up fireworks (29.12.21)

Reduce heating costs (22.12.21)

With the start of the astereological winter yesterday, the heaters will be on full blast in the coming weeks. Find here a few tips on how to reduce your heating costs.

Infotipp chauffage_DE

Infotipp chauffage_FR

Gifting habits (15.12.21)

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for friends and family? Then let this inspire you and rethink your gifting habits.

The filter of the cigarette (08.12.21)

The filter of the cigarette butt is made of plastic and does not decompose in nature. 
Every butt that ends up in the street drain enters our waters and streams, where over
4000 deadly substances are washed out of the filter.

Filter of the cigarette

Eng Äerd (01.12.21)

Next Tuesday 7.12 at 19:00 the film "Eng Äerd" will be shown at the centre "A Schommesch" in Oberanven. The film is in Luxembourgish with French and English subtitles. After the film there will be a discussion to collect ideas.

Flyer Eng Äerd

Tree Week Niederanven (24.11.21)

From 18.11 to 20.11, a multitude of activities took place in Niederanven as part of the 30th Tree Day. The tree week started on 18 November with a lecture by forest ranger Pit Lacour on the subject of "Our forest - a habitat with many functions" in the multipurpose centre "A Schommesch". In front of 25 interested listeners, Pit Lacour explained the various important functions of the forest.

On Friday 19 November, the classes of cycle 3.2 were entirely focused on the tree. In the morning at 10.00 am, the 3 classes of Cycle 3.2 planted Paulownia trees in different groups at the swimming pool and on different playgrounds in the commune. This variety of tree can have leaves up to 30 cm long and 20 cm wide. It is expected that these trees will provide a lot of shade for children on the playgrounds during the hot summer days. In addition, a Paulownia tree filters up to 5 times more CO2 than traditional trees of the same age. The children were then taken to the chalet in Groussebësch, where Nick Heiter from SIAS gave them more information about biodiversity. To regain their strength, the children and school staff were treated to a barbecue by the forestry team. Afterwards, the forest ranger gave the children additional information and explained the difference between oak and beech trees. After this explanation, they continued in the forest with a planting action. Together with the forestry team, the children planted beech and oak trees. As a souvenir, each child received a small bag of SIAS flower seeds.

Finally, on Saturday 20 November, twelve apple trees for the newborns of the year 2020 were planted along the old road near the "plane-crash memorial". After the planting of the trees, the children and their parents were taken by a horse-drawn carriage from the "Leederwon" to the chalet in the Groussebësch. Once there, in addition to a snack and a drink, each family was offered a birdhouse with the logo of the ANF and the municipality of Niederanven.

The citizens of the municipality of Niederanven also had the opportunity to order a tree for their home. About 50 trees were delivered to the various citizens by the horticultural service during this week.

The Environment Commission is looking forward to the development of the 2022 Tree Day and hopes for an equally successful event. The Environment Commission would like to thank the forest warden and his team, the SIAS, the external services of the municipality and the school for their commitment during Tree Week.

Beemplanzen mat de Schoulkanner

Woch vum Bam (17.11.21)

In the frame of the Tree Day of the Foundation Hëllef fir d' Natur, the municipality of Niederanven, together with the environmental commission, the forester and the biological station of the SIAS, has planned a Tree Week with many actions.


Méi Gréngs (10.11.21)

Here are some good tips on how to make our towns and villages greener, and how they can have a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and quality of life.

Flyer Méi Gréngs Web Version

MyEnergy@home (03.11.21)

Between the 22nd and the 26th of November 2021, benefit from the ''myenergy at home'' campaign week and have your energy consumption in your home evaluated

Climate Pact Day (27.10.21)

On Monday 11.10, the Climate Pact Day was held at Luxexpo in Kirchberg. After thematic workshops in the morning, where a good exchange between municipalities, MyEnergy and the Ministry of Mobility took place, the Climate Pact 2.0 and its partners were presented in more detail in the afternoon. As a municipality, we are proud to have received our 2019 certification with 65.8% on the Climate Pact day. Furthermore, our alderman Fréd Ternes was presented with a picture of the primary school renovation project by the Minister of the Environment, Carole Dieschbourg. The renovation of the primary school is considered a flagship project for energy and climate because of the significant energy savings.




New boost for solar energy (20.10.21)

In order to continue to promote the development of solar energy in Luxembourg, the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Development has announced greater tax flexibility for small photovoltaic installations.

With retroactive effect from 1 January 2021, income from the sale of solar electricity from photovoltaic systems with a capacity of up to 10 kWp will be exempt from tax.

The threshold for tax exemption thus increases from photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of 4 kWp to 10 kWp.

This tax advantage complements the favourable feed-in tariffs for the electricity generated and fed into the grid as well as the PRIMe House investment subsidies.

For more information, visit cleversolar.lu.

Evaluation of the questionnaire (13.10.21)

The municipality of Niederanven thanks all citizens for their recommendations and criticisms regarding mobility in the municipality. Here you can find the evaluation of the questionnaire.

Auswertung Fragebogen

Electricity consumption (06.10.21)

Here are some examples of where we have been able to reduce electricity consumption in the municipality over the last few years.


"Yellow Tape" action (29.09.21)

To mark the day against food waste, you can pick fruit from trees marked with a "YELLOW TAPE" from today. Yellow ribbons to mark private gardens can be collected from the Town Hall.

Here is a list of different places:

  • Park behind CIPA
  • Trees between the shopping centre and the swimming pool

Please respect the following rules when picking:

  • Only the fruit of a tree marked with a yellow ribbon may be picked.
  • It is forbidden to climb the tree or use a ladder.
  • The tree must not be damaged.
  • The fruit is for private use.
  • Only pick as much fruit as you need.
  • Leave nature as you found it.
  • Do not block any roads.
  • Picking is at your own risk.

"European Mobility Week" (22.09.21)

Here are a few impressions from the "European Mobility Week" from 16.09.21 to 22.09.21 in Niederanven:

  • 1 conference by Dr. Georg Wendt on the topic "Move, and stay healthy".
  • 7 different tours through the municipality for pedestrians, wheelchair/rollator users and cyclists (MTB & racing bike) of all ages
  • 1 new pedibus line from the "Mielstrachen" neighbourhood has been tested
  • Inauguration of the Vel’Oh station “Am Sand”


Konferenz am Kader vun der Europäescher Mobilitéitswoch (15.09.21)

Mobility Week starts tomorrow with the conference by Dr Georg Wendt. Take part in the various mobility week actions!



Tour du Duerf (08.09.21)

The "Tour du Duerf" starts on Friday. We as the municipality of Niederanven will take part together with the other SIAS municipalities.

Tour du Duerf 8.9.21

Enoprimes (01.09.21)

As part of the enoprimes programme, the municipality of Niederanven, together with Enovos, offers citizens a set of 10 free E27 LEDs. You can come and collect these LEDs in the municipality from 30.8.2021 to 28.2.2022. The voucher, which you have to show in the municipality, can be found in the municipal bulletin 4/2021. Changing from old light bulbs to modern LEDs is a small act with a big impact on your energy consumption. With this campaign, we as a municipality want to encourage our citizens to save energy.

Help keep yourself and others safe by reporting any road fault or safety issue that might result in danger for cyclists! All together for better equipped and safer cycleways! (25.08.21)

No doubt: cycling has the wind in its sails ...

... but despite the undisputed success of this alternative means of locomo-tion and despite the past and ongoing efforts of improvement in this area, the national cycleways are not always fit for cycling. Some tracks are simply mis-sing and numerous existing cycleways present serious weaknesses in terms of biking safety. In addition, the lack of development of the infrastructure and/or maintenance of the latter (including potholes, various obstacles, etcetera) lengthen the list of problems.

Like so many other cyclists, you also aspire to change and want to contribute to impro-ving bike safety throughout the national cycling net?

Join in and report road faults that you have spotted by mapping them on veloskaart.lu. Upload images and/or videos and share your ideas for improvement! This project is running until 31 October 2021.

The reports collected will be commu-nicated in anonymized form to the municipalities concerned as well as to the Ministry of Transport, and will be officially presented before the assem-bled press.

In 2020 ... a similar initiative had been launched for 3 months, allowing to collect no less than 300 improvement suggestions. The posi-tive feedback received from the municipa-lities and the press was encouraging.


 Source: meco.lu (8.2021)

The "Gielt Band" campaign (18.08.21)

Too good to let rot, that's why: Serve yourselves!
The "Gielt Band" campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Syvicol
Fruit tastes best when you have picked it yourself. However, you are only allowed to do this in your own orchard. Every year, however, kilos of apples, pears, plums, etc. rot on and under trees in meadows and along country roads. These are wasted resources. You could press viez from them, make jam or compote, cook with them and much more.
With the "Gielt Band" campaign, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Syvicol are calling on citizens to take part in a great and sustainable way to fight food waste. The municipality of Niederanven, which participates in the action, marks the corresponding communal fruit trees with a yellow ribbon. Every private orchard owner may mark his or her orchard with a yellow ribbon free of charge.
Good behaviour charter
When picking, please respect the following rules:

- Only fruit from a tree marked with a yellow ribbon, may be picked.
- It is forbidden to climb the tree or use a ladder.
- The tree must not be damaged.
- The fruits are for private use.
- Only take as much fruit as you need.
- Leave nature as you found it.
- Do not block any access roads.
Picking falls under your own responsibility.

Biodiversitéit Grénganlagen (04.08.21)

As an environmentally conscious municipality, we care about more biodiversity in our localities. For this reason, our gardening service, together with SIAS, has sown the communal green spaces with wild plant seeds. The green spaces in the municipality consist, among other things, of 1552 m2 of gravel lawn, 7737 m2 of flower meadows and 670 m2 of perennial beds. The aim of this action is to provide bees, butterflies and birds with a diverse food supply through colourful green spaces.
The gravel lawn consists of colourful, low-growing and drought-tolerant species. The gravel lawn is sown on a substrate of 0-16 er lime gravel and compost. This variety is very suitable for traffic islands and roadsides.
The flower meadows consist of 50 % grasses and 50 % herbs. They are sown on the existing soil after removing the turf.
The perennial beds consist of a mixture of wild and ornamental perennials, most of which are native to Luxembourg. The different species offer pollinators many opportunities to feed. Due to the planting on nutrient-poor lime gravel substrate, the emergence of weeds is reduced.
You have certainly already seen another positive aspect besides the impact on wildlife. And that is that the different flower varieties beautify both the meadows and the street space.

Vëlosummer 2021 (28.07.21)

In the framework of "Vëlosummer 2021", 2 tours are marked in the municipality of Niederanven during the whole month of August. The "Syre-an Uelzechtdall-Tour" is marked in yellow on the map and the "Syredall-Tour" in purple. No roads in the municipality of Niederanven will be specially closed to car traffic during these tours. However, to ensure the safety of cyclists, parking will be prohibited on the parking lanes in the rue de Munsbach during this period.

You can get a brochure of the "Vëlosummer 2021" with the different routes at the reception of the town hall! In this brochure you will find all the routes and information about the "Vëlosummer 2021".

Flooding and heavy rain threat Niederanven (21.07.21)

Last week our country was hit by a huge mass of rain. A lot of municipalities had to fight extreme flooding. The municipality of Niederanven got off lightly during this storm. Whether this will always be the case or whether our municipality can also be hit by floods, you will find out below.

It is almost certain that no floods will occur in the municipality of Niederanven due to prolonged rain. The reason for this is that, apart from part of the Syr in the Schlammwiss / Brill nature reserve, the municipality does not have any large bodies of water. The situation is different in the case of heavy rainfall events, where large masses of rain occur in a very short time. In such cases, the "Bouneschbaach" in Niederanven, the "Aalbach" in Senningen and the "Iernsterbaach" in Ernster can develop a strong current. Furthermore, various roads in the municipality can easily be under water. A detailed map of the affected areas can be found here.

Due to the increasing frequency of such weather phenomena, the municipality of Niederanven is planning, among other things, retention basins in new development areas, as well as the renaturation of various streams.

Air quality (14.07.21)

Good air quality is very important for people and the environment. If the air quality is poor, it can be harmful to do sports in the open air, for example. With the help of the “Meng Loft” app, you can see in real time what the air quality is like in your surroundings.

With the help of this modelling map, you can see the air pollution by ozone, NOx and fine particles within Luxembourg with a resolution of 1 km2. A preview of up to 2 days of ozone levels can be found here. If you want to be warned in advance by e-mail or SMS about high ozone levels, sign up on the website of the Ministry of Environment.

You can also read the attached final report on the monitoring of air quality at Findel. There you will find detailed information on the impact of air traffic on our municipal area.

LIST Abschlussbericht Flughafen Findel

Infotipp charging station (07.07.21)

You want to install a private charging station? But you don't know which one? Then take a look at the myenergy website! Remember that the municipality of Niederanven subsidises your private charging station.

Infotipp borne murale

Sorting of waste (30.06.21)

The municipality of Niederanven not only takes care of the reduction and sorting of waste due to the new waste tax regulations, but also by installing sufficient and adequate waste bins (residual waste, biological waste, glass and paper) in the municipal buildings as well as at municipal manifestations outside.

This guarantees that through proper and conscientious waste separation, the quantity of waste can be reduced and resources can be conserved.

A proper separation of waste ensures that recyclable materials such as glass, paper and PET bottles are not incinerated and thus lost as a resource. Furthermore, biological waste can be used to produce compost. This means that the cycle is guaranteed and the organic nutrients from the waste are returned to the soil or the fruit and vegetables.

In order to guarantee proper waste separation at home, the SIAS municipalities have published the "Guide du Tri", which you can use as a guide.

Let's make the climate cool again (23.06.21)

Have you seen the new artwork on the wall by the bus stop on rue d' Ernster in Oberanven? Ben Carter, an internationally recognised artist from our community has drawn various penguins fleeing climate change in the squad of his project "LETS MAKE THE CLIMATE COOL AGAIN". As he says himself, the penguins are on the frontline of climate change. The plight of the penguins sums up not only the threat of climate change, but also the loss of biodiversity. This work is also a way of raising human awareness about climate change. If you want more information about Ben Carter and his art, go to his website: www.bencarter.lu/environmental1

Drinking water (16.06.21)

Drinking water is the best controlled foodstuff and has been a fundamental human right since 2002. The drinking water of the municipality of Niederanven consists partly of water from the reservoir and partly of natural springs, which are located on the territory of the municipality. Interesting information about drinking water can be found either on drenkwaasser.lu or on our website in the section Environment/Water: www.niederanven.lu/en/environment/my-environment/water.

Furthermore, you will always find the latest water analyses on our website, so you can drink the water from the tap with a clear conscience and do without bottled water completely. This also has a positive impact on reducing plastic waste.

Lärmschutz Wärmepumpe (09.06.21)

The heat pump is considered "the heat source of the future", but it is often frowned upon as being noisy. As a result, a large part of the population continues to decide against purchasing a heat pump.

You can reduce the noise with these few tips and tricks.

  • Install a more powerful heat pump. Low-efficiency heat pumps often run at full load, resulting in higher noise and running costs.
  • To avoid noise at night, switch off night operation. With appropriately sized hot water tanks, night operation can also be dispensed with.
  • The fan is the main source of noise in air heat pumps. Avoid direct lines of sight of the fan to your own and neighbouring windows. Furthermore, the installation of the outdoor unit should not be installed on or in front of hard surfaces and walls. These surfaces reflect the sound and also increase the volume of the noise. For systems that have already been installed, it is still possible to fit sound insulation bonnets afterwards, which deflect the sound.
  • Indoor installation of the heat pump is the quietest option. However, care should be taken to interrupt the transmission of structure-borne sound by means of vibrations through flexible pipe connections.
  • This structure-borne sound transmission can also be prevented by an elastic damping installation in the direction of the floor and foundation, as is known from washing machines.

Safely with your bicycle (02.06.21)

The ideal cycling weather will start again in the next few weeks. With these tips, you too can start your next tour SAFELY WITH YOUR BICYCLE.

Affiche Secher mam Velo

Action to protect biodiversity (26.05.21)

In the cadre of last week's Biodiversity Conservation Day, we worked with the school to improve the insect habitat in our community. To best sensitise the students regarding this issue, the school garden was deliberately chosen for this action. An insect hotel was built in the school garden, which is filled with reeds and wooden blocks by the children. Small holes will be drilled into these blocks where the insects can nest. Next to the insect hotel, a tree trunk was also erected in which small holes will be drilled according to the same principle. This creates further nesting opportunities there as well. Photos and information for the children will be published on the back of the insect hotel in the near future. A few stools have also been placed here for the children to sit on.

Furthermore, the hill towards the street was sown with flower and grass seeds together with the pupils. In the coming weeks, a colourful flower meadow will be created there, which can be used by the insects as a food source.

Thanks to the responsible persons of the school, SIAS and the forest administration for their help in realising this project.

Restructuring of the hiking trail network (19.05.21)

In collaboration with ORT Guttland (Regional Tourist Office of the Center and West) and the Tourist office of the Municipality of Niederanven, all the hiking trails on the territory of the Municipality will be re-planned and restructured. The aim is to minimize the quantity while increasing the quality and maintaining a high level of quality.

Within this framework, up to 8 working groups with interested citizens were organized. Among them 2 groups discussing a family hiking trail in the Groussebësch and also 2 concentrating on regional mountain bike trails, together with the municipality of Schuttrange and Betzdorf.

In addition to the existing nature trail over the Aarnescht nature reserve, in a first phase, a large 9.4 km hiking trail will link the Groussebësch with the Aarnescht, and will be marked under the name Guttland Trail. In this same phase and in collaboration with the Austrian design office Pronatour, a 3 km hiking trail for families with children is planned. In a second step, the connection of the Schlammwiss nature reserve with the Menster Brill will be done. For the future, the idea of a cultural route showing all the curiosities of the municipality and a hiking trail in the Gréngewald, will also be developed.


The family hiking trail through the Groussebësch will pass over the “Hexebësch” trail, alongside the Chalet hut, partly on the existing path, partly on natural forest floor. Along the way, various stations will be created, in order to educate children and parents about the importance of the forest with its animals and the necessary forestry work.


Fairtrade Weeks (05.05.21)

Dear citizens, May is the month of Fairtrade Weeks. Every year, ONG Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg calls on its partners and citizens to participate in Fairtrade Week. We, as a Fairtrade municipality, naturally take part. You too can join in.

MyEnergy (28.04.21)

Are you planning to renovate your house in the near future, replace your old heating system with a new one using renewable energies or buy an electric car? Then take part in the myenergy online interview.

News: https://www.myenergy.lu/fr/mediatheque1/actualites/votre-avis-nous-interesse

Heads, streams and rivers (21.04.21)

Dear reader,

Are you interested in finding out more about the state of the sources, streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes in your neighbourhood and how it compares with different regions in Europe?

Then get involved and join the WaterBlitz Luxembourg, which takes place from the 7th to the 10th of May. You will receive an easy-to-use free water test kit and be able to share your results directly via the FreshWater Watch app. All findings will be freely accessible on the FreshWater Watch website. To register, follow this link.

The more people participate, the clearer our understanding of the state of our surface water bodies in Luxembourg will be. Therefore, invite your family, friends, and colleagues and spread the news via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by using #WaterBlitz.

The WaterBlitz Luxembourg is organized by the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with Earthwatch and runs in parallel with three other events in London, Dublin and Paris. The first event in September 2019 was already a great success. Over 80 volunteers collected over 100 data points in around 50 surface water bodies. The WaterBlitzes are funded by the Royal Bank of Canada as part of their ongoing commitment to local water quality.

The WaterBlitz Luxembourg is part of the NEXUS CITIZEN SCIENCE project of the University of Luxembourg. The aim of the project is to collaborate with interested groups in Luxembourg and to co-design and launch Citizen Science projects. Participatory water monitoring aims to generate new knowledge for citizens, science, and policy, and foster experience-based learning from engaging with water and the environment for more sustainability in Luxembourg.

If you have any questions, please get in touch (karl.pickar@uni.lu).

Kind regards

The WaterBlitz Team

Subsidy for e-car charging stations (14.07.2021)

In the municipal council meeting on February 5, 2021, a subsidy for private charging stations for e‑cars was voted. The aim of this grant is to support citizens in buying CO2-neutral vehicles and at the same time to solve the problem of missing charging points.

The municipal subsidy is linked to that of the government. The municipality pays 50% of the state subsidy for the installation of a private charging station. Furthermore, the subsidies can increase up to 100% of the state subsidy if the private charging station is connected to a photovoltaic system and the e-car is thus fed with solar energy.

Further information and the form for requesting municipal subsidies can be found on our website under the heading Environment / Grants and Subsidies.

Furthermore, the subsidies of "Neistart Lëtzebuerg" were extended until the end of March 2022*.

(*Subject to the completion of the legislative process)

Besides the extension of the subsidies, new subsidies for 100% electric cars have also been launched by the state. The conditions and more information can be found at cleverfueren.lu.

Change the Future - Help shape the future of our community! (07.04.2021)

The climate crisis poses challenges for all of us. The state and municipalities, but also businesses - and of course each and every one of us - can influence a lot for the better through their behaviour. This is precisely the aim of the "Change the Future" campaign designed by Climate Alliance and in which our municipality is participating:

Enjoy local food, give up standby mode, use bicycle, bus and train or become part of the energy transition. The "Change the Future" tool (in DE, FR & EN) offers groups and individuals a way to take action for a good life. With the tool we give the inhabitants of our community the opportunity to contribute to the big transformation already with small activities. Each according to his or her own way and rhythm, with many practical tips for each activity.

Within a community, mixed groups can come together - whether together with family, colleagues, neighbours or friends. Individuals can also participate, and the internet-based tool is also ideal for schools and businesses!

The more activities that are successfully carried out, the more "Changer Points" there are!

Join in and support our community in the fight against the climate crisis!  All further information and registration at www.change-the-future.lu !



Natural compost - the key to pesticide-free gardens (31.03.2021)

What are pesticides and why should you avoid them?

Pesticides are primarily toxic chemicals designed to kill weeds or pests. However, more than 90% of the substance does not reach the target pest. Much of the substance enters the soil, where it mixes with groundwater. In addition, they can reach other areas by runoff or by the influence of the wind. As a result, pesticides contaminate all parts of the environment (soil, water, air). Already today they can be found in almost all surface waters and groundwater and therefore also in many food materials.

If we have a closer look at the pesticide cycle, we can say that humans are poisoning themselves. To prevent this from happening, pesticides should absolutely be avoided.

One of the keys to pesticide-free gardens is to use natural compost. If you fertilize your garden properly with organic fertilizers or compost, the plants grow stronger and are much more resistant to diseases or pests that are controlled if not with pesticides. In order to support citizens in gardening without pesticides, the municipality of Niederanven, in cooperation with the municipality of Schuttrange, provides free compost next to the recycling center at Jacques Lamort Street all year round. You can come and pack it up and use it for your private garden.

Cigarette butts - small filter, huge pollution (24.03.2021)

Every year, 4.5 billion (4,500,000,000,000!) cigarette butts are thrown away around the world. The cigarette butt is the waste that has the greatest impact on the environment. They are usually thrown freely in the environment, on the street or in the road runoffs of the streets. Contrary to current assumptions, the wastewater from the street ravine does not flow into the water treatment plant, but goes directly into our waters. This little cigarette butt causes enormous negative charges on the environment.

Unlike the front part of the cigarette, which is made of paper and tobacco and dissolves into smoke and ash when consumed, the filter is made of cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is a difficult plastic to break down. Cellulose acetate decomposes in fresh water after 15 years, in salt water it can even take up to 400 years. Then, cigarette filters disintegrate into microplastics, putting more and more strain on the oceans and waters.

Although the cellulose acetate cigarette filter has a very high impact on the environment, it is only the second environmental impact of a butt. The filter in the butt filters the pollutants from the cigarette so that they do not reach the human body. A cigarette contains up to 4000 harmful substances, most of which are present in the filter after smoking. If the filter comes in contact with water, all these toxic substances are released by washing, which means that a cigarette butt can contaminate between 40 and 60 liters of water.

This means that 4.7 times the volume of water of the Lake Constance is polluted each year by discarded cigarette butts.