Climate Team & Certifications

Together with 93 other municipalities, the municipality of Niederanven signed a commitment to the state in 2013 to implement a municipal policy in the interest of nature and the environment. The municipality of Niederanven is currently silver certified and has achieved 65.8% of the maximum score.

The current climate team is composed of the following people:

- 1 member of the municipal council: Fréd Ternes

- 13 interested citizens: Rose Scharfe (president), Pitt Beicht, Ute Blohm Hieber, Guy Clausse, Jean Fell, Uli Fielitz, Emile Guillardin, Pol Polfer, Serge Schaefer, Marc Schlammes, Patrick Schumacher, Grammatiki Tsingou, Marnix Wielenga

- 1 commercial representative: Christian Kaempff

- 1 municipal official: Kevin Becker

- 1 consultant: Jeannot Schroeder, who animates the climate team.