Anual activities


In 2020, the municipality of Niederanven has started or implemented about 60 activities in the spirit of the climate pact.

These activities include, for example:

  • The introduction of the new regulations in the cadre of a "zero waste" policy.
  • Implementation of an energy management system to control energy consumption in the municipality's buildings.
  • Change of various lighting (street lighting, school) to LED
  • Installation of water dispensers in the gymnasiums.
  • Further electrification of the municipality's car fleet.
  • Hiring of an Environment and Energy Officer, and the creation of a Sustainable Development Department.
  • Planting campaign of 12 pear trees for the newborn of 2019 in the cadre of the Day of the Tree 2020.


The following activities have been carried out at community level for 2019 or in cooperation with the other SIAS municipalities:

  • Recertification audit 50%
  • Source protection officer advertised at SIAS level
  • The new waste tax regulation was adopted at regional level
  • Study for the shared use of the buildings within the new Resource center
  • Sustainability makes school' program implemented
  • The roof area was made available to the energy cooperative Enercoop Syrdall
  • Parking space management concept
  • M-Pass was made available to municipal employees on very favorable terms
  • Continuation of selective improvements in traffic safety (pedestrian crossings, etc.)
  • New traffic routes:
    • Munsbach - Niederanven connection (work should start in 2020)
    • Connection PC2 - Townhall
  • Pedibus project started
  • Purchase of another electric car

2017 :

  • New concept of Waste Management (treatment and taxes)
  • Enhanced communication using social media
  • Subsidies to be adapted according to the new legislation and the LENOZ criteria
  • Improved soft mobility with new pedestrian lanes (Rëtsch) and cycling paths (connection between Niederanven and Munsbach)
  • Renovation of the local school building “Am Sand”