Application for Passeport & Identity card

Application for a Passport

When introducing an application for a Luxembourgish biometric passport, you must go to the population desk office of Niederanven at the town hall and submit following documents:

  1. Your current passport and
  2. The proof of payment of the amount of:
  •  50 € for adults and children up from 4 years
  •  30 € for children under 4 years

The money transfer has to be made to the following account of the Bureau of Passports:

IBAN LU46 1111 1298 0014 0000
Bureau des Passeports, Visas et Légalisations 

6, rue de l'Ancien Athenée
L-1144 Luxembourg

Communication: Demande de passeport biométrique pour "surname, name (maiden name)"
(Any costs resulting from this transfer shall in no case be borne by the Passport Office)

Upon presentation of the old passport and the passport application receipt, the passport is to withdraw, at your local population desk office (2 weeks from the application date) or at the Passport Office (7 days from the application date).

The new passports for adults and children over 4 years are valid for 5 years. For children under 4 years the new passport is valid for 2 years.

For additional questions, please contact:

Christine Greis ( 34 11 34 - 29 ) or Jessica Durieux (34 11 34 - 26)


Application for the Identity Card

The possession of an ID Card is madatory for all resident with the Luxembourg nationality aged over 15 years and all residents in Luxembourg. For persons aged under 15 the ID-card is optional and issued on request.

The Niederanven citizens with the Luxembourgish nationality can apply for ther ID card at the population desk office of Niederanven.

Each holder of an ID card who does no longer possess his card because of loss, theft or destruction, is required to make a declaration as soon as possible, at the Grand Ducal Police or at the police of the country of residence respectively of the country where the card was lost, stolen or destroyed, in order to obtain a certificate, necessary to apply for a new card.

Rates for a new ID-card:

  •  14.00 €   for adults aged over 15 years
  •  10.00 € for children aged between 4 and 15 years
  •  5.00 € for children aged under 4 years

A tax is to be paid to the following account before coming to the municipal population desk office:

IBAN Number: CCPL: LU44 1111 7028 7715 0000
Mention :         “ Name“ and “ First Name“

Documents to be annexed:
  1. Your current ID-card
  2. In case of loss or theft: the declaration (certificate) of loss or theft
  3. Payment Receipt of the tax

The submission of an ID-photo is no longer necessary because a picture will be taken at the moment of the application of the new card.
Identity cards are normally issued under 10 business days from the day of application.

Accelerated procedure:

In case of request for an ID-card by the accelerated procedure, the fee is set at € 45.00.
The issue is only carried out at:
11, rue Notre Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

within a period of 3 working days after the day of application.

For additional questions, please contact:

Christine Greis ( 34 11 34 - 29) or Jessica Durieux (34 11 34 - 26)

The helpdesk of the CTIE can be reached at number 247-82000 or the internet link: