The written part

The general development plan of the Municipality of Niederanven was developed in accordance with the law of 19 July 2004 concerning the communal planning and urban development, as amended by the Act of 28 July 2011. The graphics and the written part of the general development plan were defined by the grand ducal regulation of 28 July 2011 concerning the content of the P.A.G.

P.A.G. - Written part

The graphic part 

The graphical part of the general development plan of Niederanven shows the following plans covering the villages of Niederanven Senningerberg, Senningen, Hostert, Oberanven, Rameldange and Ernster. These plans also cover a part of the Luxembourg airport and Waldhaff.

P.A.G. - Graphic part (Allover view)

The differents parts of the P.A.G. : 

  1. Map n° 1 et n° 1 Bis - Localities of Ernster et Waldhaff 
  2. Map n° 2 - Localities of Rameldange, Hostert and Oberanven
  3. Map n° 3 - Localities of Hostert, Senningerberg and Senningen
  4. Map n° 4 - Localities of Senningen and Niederanven
  5. Map n° 5 - Localities of Senningen and Senningerberg

The geoportal

The National Geoportal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers a new map counter. It is aimed for the public and offers following advantages over the former system.

  • A display over the entire screen area, where the dimension of the card can be specified by the user;
  • Increased speed when loading and displaying, due to new technology;
  • A content organization by topic categories rather than data and data series;
  • The structuring of the content corresponds to the European directive INSPIRE;
  • An intuitive handling as similar tools as Google;
  • Manage the transparency of the displayed data layers;
  • Background layers are combined with orthophotos and topographic maps with adjustable transparency;
  • Quick search of municipalities, localities, addresses and plot numbers in a single search field;

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