The goal of the project "Niedz4Kidz" is not only to see the life  in the municipality of Niederanven through the eyes of the children, but above all that the children them-selves can be actively involved in it. Based on principles of non-formal education, future activities will also be organized in which all young people from 9 to 12 years from the municipality of Niederanven are invited to take part.


Coin pour les enfants - Bulletin 3/2018

Coin pour les enfants - Bulletin 2/2018

Coin pour les enfants - Bulletin 1/2018

Solution Sudoku 1/2018

Porte ouverte - Bulletin 4/2017

Graffiti - Maison relais Nidderaanwen - Bulletin 3/2017

E Projet, fir an mat de Kanner aus der Gemeng Nidderaanwen - Bulletin 2/2017