The goal of the project "Niedz4Kidz" is not only to see the life  in the municipality of Niederanven through the eyes of the children, but above all that the children them-selves can be actively involved in it. Based on principles of non-formal education, future activities will also be organized in which all young people from 9 to 12 years from the municipality of Niederanven are invited to take part.


Coin pour les enfants - Bulletin 1/2018

As part of the "Niedz4kidz" campaign, in which the young generation has the opportunity to participate actively in the political development of their community, a playground evaluation project was launched on 23 October 2017.


Every young "user" of one of the 17 playgrounds in the municipality was therefore entitled to give a rating to the visited place and to add comments and personal suggestions.

The Service Voirie of the Niederanven community, in collaboration with the CIGR, had therefore provided specially designed questionnaire to be filled out and garbage cans, modified and decorated into "feedback boxes", to collect the documents.

The latter were designed by the local group "Niedz4kidz", which is composed of delegates from the Maison Relais, the Youth House, the Parents Association (APE) and the elementary school.

At the end of the project, on 3 December 2017, no fewer than 200 completed questionnaires were evaluated.

The identified technical shortcomings have been rectified immediately and the constructive proposals will be an integral part of a new project in spring 2018, in which all responsible will consult to meet the expectations of our children regarding their playgrounds.

Sudoku Solution 1/2018

Porte ouverte - Bulletin 4/2017

Graffiti - Maison relais Nidderaanwen - Bulletin 3/2017

E Projet, fir an mat de Kanner aus der Gemeng Nidderaanwen - Bulletin 2/2017