Fire department

When the local government decided in 1982 to buy a new TLF 16/25 for the local firefighters of Niederanven-Senningen Oberanven it became necessary to find a new hall for this new vehicle as well as for the other two. They decided to build a new garage for 3 cars, with a common room and a bath with showers.


On 11 June 1983, the Mayor of Niederanven handed the key to the common firehouse "Am Sand" in Oberanven to the commander François Klein. This new building, which had been used by the two local firemen brigades needed some changes over the following years. So the shower room had been transformed into a breathing room, and a workshop and a storage room were added.

Since 2000 the requirements of a modern fire brigade no longer met the necessary criteria, as for example there was a lack of space for 2 vehicles (which had to be housed in the basement of the Sports Hall). The authorities decided to expand the fire brigade hall, by adding a garage huge enough to shelter five vehicles, changing facilities for the crew, a new lounge, an office, a training room and new sanitary facilities.

After 2011, the fleet was completely renewed and the same problem as years before came up. As an enlargement of the current hall is no longer possible, a new operations center for the firefighters of Niederanven, Münsbach and Schuttrange will be constructed, in order to meet all the current and modern requirements of a fire brigade.


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Adresses & Contacts

Postal adress



CIS Niederanven - Schuttrange Centre d'Intervention Tel.: 34 72 20  
B.P. 132 7, Routscheed Fax: 34 72 21
L-6905 Niederanven L-6939 Niederanven E-mail:


Chef de corps

Grohmann Alain

5, rue de la Syr
L-5377 Uebersyren

GSM: 691 35 65 60
Tel.: 35 65 60

Chef de corps adjoint

Wagner Christian

3, Neigaass
L-6970 Oberanven

GSM: 691 26 69 15
Tel.: 26 34 04 74

Fire Prevention Officer

Almeida Carlos


GSM: 691 71 87 94
Tél.: 35 01 13 - 401